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Senior Night

Rachel Hennessey, Reporter

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It’s the last home game of the year. CCS and WCALS are approaching. The crowd is going wild. Faces are painted blue and gold. Signs and pictures of players are posted everywhere. Friends, families, students and faculty fill the gym as senior athletes are being recognized for their role on the team. This could only mean one thing: it’s senior night.

Senior Night is a Pres tradition where senior athletes are honored for their accomplishments and participation for their varsity sport. This event usually happens during the last home game of the regular season, and students, families and friends are welcomed to come and celebrate this special night for our seniors. Although each sport has a different way of commemorating it, it still holds a lot of sentimental value for the senior athletes.

A lot of effort goes into making these nights memorable. Athletic Director Stacey Mallison said, “Usually we get the girls flowers and work with the coach, talking about what the ceremony actually is because each sport is a little bit different.  And then  before the ceremony we figure out who the seniors are and who are the seniors from the other team because we always honor the seniors from the visiting team.”

Mallison went on to mention that Pres has been doing senior nights for at least ten years, longer than she has been working here. Mallison said, “It’s important to recognize our seniors who have been playing their sport, most of them for all four years, and take a moment to honor them and thank them for all that they have given to their school and team. We need to let them know how much we appreciate their hard work and effort, as well as their dedication.”

Senior Katie Keifer has been on varsity water polo since postseason her freshman year. “It was really touching and made me feel really special. It almost brought tears to my eyes to see all the signs and flowers my friends had brought for me,” Keifer said when asked her senior night

Not only did it move her emotionally, but Keifer went on to say that her senior night encouraged her team to play more aggressively. “Seeing them there also pushed my entire team to play harder, since we usually don’t get a lot of people to come out and watch the water polo games.”

    When asked about her senior night, varsity tennis senior, Lisa Brunger, said, “I started to tear up because I really am going to miss every girl on the team.” Brunger went on to say, “Since tennis is a sport that is played off campus, I feel that tennis doesn’t really get a huge audience at our games, so the fact that the athletic department dedicates a match to celebrate with us and to show their appreciation really makes us feel special and valued.”

    Senior athletes have dedicated a lot of their time to their sport and this is a night when they are publicly recognized for their individual accomplishments and contribution to their team. To them, this is far more than just another game. It’s their dedication, and hours of practice that are finally paying off.

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Senior Night