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Spring Sports Wrap-Up

Erica Lomotan, Community Editor

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This year the Presentation swim team finished in third place. The team also did an outstanding job at CCS. Pres got third in the 200 yard medley, senior Czsarina Isleta took second in the 200 IM and second in the 100 breaststroke, freshman Chloe Isleta finished second in the 50 free and won the 100 backstroke, junior Mackenzie Kirk finished fourth in the 50 free, senior Elise Locke won the 100 free, and Pres won the 200 free relay. Locke also won the 200 IM, finishing two seconds faster in the championship than in the trials. The team had a season record of 5-2 and a league record of 4-2.


The diving team had a successful season and finished in third place. At WCAL junior Ria Chuapoco finished in fourth place, freshman Madison Cornelius finished thirteenth, and senior Crystal Nguyen finished in fourteenth place. Earlier in the season diving coach Kate Waggoner said, “The team this year is doing great! All the girls have caught on and have really become a good team and encourage everyone to do their best! I’m really proud of them!” The diving team had a season record of 5-2 and a league record of 4-2.

Softball – Varsity

Varsity softball finished in seventh place in the WCAL league. Softball didn’t qualify for CCS this year but made it to the first round of WCAL playoffs. The team finished in fifth for the season with a season record of 11-15 and a league record of 4-8.

Athletic Director Stacey Mallison said, “Softball had a young team this year, with only two seniors (we graduated 10 out of the program last year!).  Also, we got hit with the injury bug this year, which resulted in quite a few girls having to miss games due to concussions, injured elbows and a variety of other injuries.”

Softball – Junior Varsity

This year’s junior varsity softball team had a great run with a season record of 18-5 and took second in the WCAL league. Coach Mandy Santos said, “The Catch of the year was (freshman) Katherine [Ellis] diving in the outfield with a tuck and roll to make the third out of the inning winning the game. This was among the many great moments this team has had. Overall this was great group that was always willing to do their part from putting away equipment at practice to playing new positions on the field.”

Track and Field

Presentation’s track and field team finished in fifth place for the 2013 season. Junior Taylore Jaques lead the league in pole vault with a mark of 12’6″ for this season. The WCAL trials began last Saturday and CCS Finals will be held on May 24 at Gilroy High School. The team had a season record of 2-4 and a league record of 2-4.

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Spring Sports Wrap-Up