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Player Profile: Christine Kim

Kim with varsity golf coach Angie Papangellin after winning third place at CCS.

Kim with varsity golf coach Angie Papangellin after winning third place at CCS.

Kim with varsity golf coach Angie Papangellin after winning third place at CCS.

Erica Lomotan, Community Editor

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Presentation’s varsity golf team has had a strong season, scoring a spot as WCAL co-champions, placing third at CCS, and participating in NorCals. Leading the team was junior Christine Kim. With an outstanding performance this season, the Voice caught up with her to ask a few questions.

Voice: When and why did you start playing golf?

CK: I started playing golf around the middle of seventh grade because my dad was super into golf. I mean, I grew up with golf, but I really got into it in seventh grade because it started getting more fun and I found friends.

Voice: What is your favorite part about the sport?

CK: My favorite part is getting to meet new people at other tournaments.

Voice: Who is your favorite pro golfer?

CK: Tiger Woods

Voice: What type of physical training is required to stay in shape for golf?

CK: For golf you have to be flexible, so yoga and stretching is really good.

Voice: You’ve been on the varsity team since your freshman year, and you have been the top player for two years now. Do you ever feel pressure from the high standards you’ve set for yourself?

CK: Definitely. Compared to last year I have more standards for myself because it’s been a year and I know I can do better. It’s a lot of pressure.

Voice: How do you balance school and sports? Is it a challenge?

CK: Big time. Like major. I actually don’t know how I do it!

Voice: What are some of your favorite memories or accomplishments you’ve achieved from golf?

CK: My favorite accomplishment as a team this year was definitely winning WCALS and beating Valley [Christian] for the first time in forever and actually going to NorCals this year. I’m also really proud of how much I’ve improved since freshman year.

Voice: Varsity golf did really well this season, what improvements has the team made?

CK: Having Annette (Chu) was a big asset to us, and bringing up Taylor (Allen) from JV also helped. I feel like Chloe (Federe), Vineze (Reduta) and Sami (Oliva) all improved a lot too over the summer. So just add all that together and we’re winners!

Voice: Varsity golf is WCAL co-champions, and you recently ranked third at CCS. How did the team do at NorCals?

CK: I think we placed sixth out of ten. We all played our best and I think next year we’ll have a better chance of winning.

Voice: Do you plan on playing golf in college? And if so, which school would you prefer?

CK: Yes, and Stanford or Princeton.

Voice: Have you started getting college offers?

CK: I’ve gotten emails from schools, but the talking period for me just started a couple months ago.

Voice: Are you competing in tournaments outside of school?

CK: Yes, I’m playing in NCGA (Northern California Golf Association) and JGANC (Junior Golf Association of Northern California) events. I also play in AJGA (American Junior Golf Association) tournaments and a few qualifier tournaments. I played tournaments all summer but I have about three in the fall and only one in the winter.

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Player Profile: Christine Kim