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Can Pres Volleyball Repeat State Title?

Mandy Santos

Lynn Kim, Special Features Editor

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After an astonishing win last year at the state championships, the Presentation varsity volleyball team prepares to face the challenge of maintaining their state title. Now that all of the excitement from their previous success has died down, the volleyball team must face the reality that they will have to put in a lot of extra effort to keep winning.

The team must unify in order to get better results. “We’re going to need to have a lot of team bonding experiences,” said senior Chloë Ainley, co-captain. “Last year we had a lot of team chemistry and that’s what helped us do well.”

Even though many of the team’s star players have graduated, the team still believes that a second title is attainable. However, the co-captains agree that it will be a challenge and take a lot of work.

Senior and co-captain Alex Sheredy thinks that they will need to work extra hard on working and coming together as a team. “I feel positive that we’re going to get better, but we’re definitely going to need a lot more work than we needed last season,” she said.

While they will be training just as hard as last year, the team will focus on different aspects of the game in order to improve.

“We’re working on little things rather than working on big things,” said Head Coach Sue Dvorak. “We have to tweak our serve-receive a little bit and run different types of plays. And we’re not as tall as we were last year so we’re not putting as many big balls away as we used to. So it’s a different kind of season.”

With a new lineup including six new girls, the returning players will need to step up and lead the team.

Dvorak said, “We have three freshmen, which will bring a little bit of energy and a little bit of new light. [They] have to learn the new way of doing things; so they have to get used to the faster paced game, playing with older girls, and a faster ball coming at them. So it will also give some leadership responsibility to the older girls.”

These “older girls” include Sheredy, Ainley, Seniors Britney Deacon, Jennifer Woo, Courtney Vogt, Junior Emily Gigantino, and Sophomore Nicole Ciari, who all contributed to the winning of State Championships last season.

New members include Freshmen Mackenzie Savage, Dalyn Burns, Hannah Turnlund, and Juniors Michelle Pagnon, Rebecca Rangel and Jessie Boling.

With so many new additions to the team, time will be the main factor in bringing them together.

“We don’t really have to worry about season records until October when the first league match starts. Of course these preseason games are important as far as learning what we need to improve on. But October is when we need to be able to really come together as a team and when those win-loss records really matter,” Dvorak said.

Both co-captains said that the team’s new players will contribute positively to the team this season. Over time, what Sheredy calls their “hidden talent” will come out. “They bring a new energy to the court. They’re still kind of nervous during a game but they’ll get over it. I was nervous last year during our first tournament.”

“They bring a positive attitude,” Ainley added.

Even though they will have to put in a much extra work to maintain their success, the team is confident that they will be ready for the challenge of winning a second consecutive state title.

Varsity Volleyball’s record is currently 5-1. The next home game is October 2 against Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep.

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