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October Game of the Month: Presentation vs. Sacred Heart Prep

Alexi Garofalo

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On Oct. 4, the Presentation varsity water polo team went up against the pugnacious Gators from Sacred Heart Prep. After an extremely physical match between the two teams, Presentation lost 10-6 to the top-ranked SHP.

The varsity game started off with two quick goals by Sacred Heart Prep. Presentation was unable to stop the aggressive offensive attack from SHP and let three more goals in during the second quarter. Presentation senior, Stephanie Maniglia made several attempts to score on SHP. In the third quarter SHP made two goals, as well as Presentation. One of the goals was made Presentation senior, Monique Kerstens. The SHP coach was given yellow card and player Stephanie Maniglia of Presentation was taken out of the game. The last quarter was pretty close Presentation scored four goals and Sacred Heart Prep scored three.

After the match varsity player Lena Robledo, junior commented, “It was really tough playing against Sacred Heat because they had strong shooter and were a very physical team”.

The junior varsity game was similarly tough, resulting in a loss of 4 to 2. During the first quarter, Sacred Heart Prep scored two goals, but goalie, Jamie Carr, junior blocked a barrage of hard shots. Kristin Pfaff, junior attempted several shots on SHP but was denied. During the second and third quarter the Gators made another two goals. In the last quarter Presentation blocked all attempts made by Sacred Heart Prep and scored two, including a goal by sophomore Jessica Kwok and was assisted by number Kristin Pfaff.


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October Game of the Month: Presentation vs. Sacred Heart Prep