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The Voice:     Do you remember how you started playing water polo?

JP:       I started playing when I was 8 years old at a summer camp where I learned the basics of water polo like treading water and throwing the ball.  I started playing competitively when I was 10.

The Voice:     Is water polo as vicious as people say it is? What are some examples of aggressive play?
JP:       Woman’s Water polo is very vicious; however, I don’t really realize it as much anymore because I have played for so long. In order to survive in water polo you have to be aggressive, but there are a lot of girls that are just dirty. There’s a lot of scratching, punching, kicking, head butting, elbowing, and suit grabbing.

The Voice:     What do you love about water polo?

JP: I am very competitive, so I love the competitiveness of the sport.  I also love being part of a team.

The Voice:     When did you first make varsity?
JP: I first made varsity when I was a sophomore.

The Voice:     How is the varsity team doing this year?  What are the team’s goals for the season?
JP:       The varsity team has being doing really well. We have played amazing games, upset some teams, and are strong going into WCALs and CCS. We have had a few bumps in the road, but it helped us grow as a team. One goal we had this season is to make it far in WCALs and CCS. We came out with a bang this year and I hope we finish the season even better!

The Voice:     Who do you think will be Pres’s toughest competitor this season?  How will the team prepare to play them?
JP:       I think we had a lot of tough competitors and good match ups this season. I truly believe we are good enough to beat any team when we come out prepared. For example, one of our best match ups this season was against Mitty. We lost to them once and we watched the video and worked on how to beat them in practice. It worked out well and we beat them 10-7. We also will be playing them in the first round of WCALs.

The Voice:     When did you first make the junior national team?
JP:       There are three national teams (the youth team, the junior team, and the senior team) based on age group.  I first made the youth national team two years ago, and I moved up to the junior national team this summer.

The Voice:     What did it take to make the national team?

JP:       I had a lot of extra practices and I did extra conditioning.  I also had an eight hour practice each Sunday in addition to swimming in Marisa [Watt-Cozort]’s group on the Pres swim team.

The Voice:     What is your favorite water polo memory?  Why is this your favorite?
JP:       My favorite water polo memory was playing the Canadian Junior National team in the championship game at the Junior Pan American Games this summer in Florida.  The Junior Pan American Games are extremely thrilling, fun, and an amazing opportunity. I have been lucky enough to go to two of them and play for the gold medal (2008 in Brazil and 2010 in Florida). Playing with some of the best players all across the country and representing the United States in a tournament is so breathtaking. Also you get to meet people from all over the world and play against them as well. I cannot put into words how amazing the whole experience is of playing on a national team.

The Voice:     Have you travelled to any other countries to play water polo?
JP:       Yes, I went to Brazil two summers ago and I go to Canada every winter.  I might be going to Italy next summer for the Junior World Championships.  

The Voice:     Do you have a mentor? Who?

JP:      My sister is my mentor.  She played water polo at Pres and San Jose State and is now the Junior Varsity water polo coach at Pres.
The Voice:     Do you plan on playing water polo in college?
JP:       Yes, but I’m not sure where yet.

The Voice:     What are your goals for the future?

JP:       I want to play as long as I can and not get injured.  My major goal is to make the senior national team.

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