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The Voice: How long have you been playing soccer? How did you get into soccer?
EC: I have been playing since I was five and I started in Rec. My parents put me in it because its just one of those sports that everyone plays at that age, and I just stuck with it.

The Voice: Do you play any other sports?
EC: No, I used to swim but I quit before freshman year.

The Voice: Do you play soccer for a club team or just for Presentation?
EC: I play for both a club team, NVLA Storm, as well as at Presentation.

The Voice: What do you like most about soccer?
EC: The team atmosphere and how you are always with the same people so they become your best friends. My best friends have always been on my soccer team.

The Voice:
How many days a week do you practice?
EC: I practice two days a week with my team and another day a week by myself or with some other teammates. Then we also have games on the weekends.

The Voice: What teams are going to be your biggest competition this year?
EC: Mitty always has a good team and they have tons of seniors this year. So they will be a good challenge but I think we can do well.

The Voice: What do you believe is your greatest success as a soccer player?
EC: I believe my greatest success would be committing to Boston University and being able to play Division I soccer in college.

The Voice: What position do you play?
EC: I mostly play defense on the outside but I can play in the center too. I sometimes play midfield but not that much.

The Voice: How did you decide on Boston University and how does it feel to be a signed athlete?
EC: The hardest part for me was deciding whether I was going to stay close to home or whether I was going to go across the country. Then I went on my official and I went to a camp at BU and the people were what did it for me. When you live that far away from your actual family, the people become your family. I decided to go to BU because I had such a great experience when I was out there. It feels great especially only having to fill out one application.

The Voice: What is your personal goal this season?
EC: This season I would really like to grow as captain and lead the team well through the season.  It would be great to win a CCS championship my senior year.
The Voice: Have you thought about going pro?
EC: I haven’t ever really thought about going pro.  It would definitely be a challenge and even though I love soccer, it isn’t what I want to do as a job.  It has always been about the game and playing for enjoyment.  I think making it a profession would change the way I love it and put extra pressure on the game.

The Voice: Are you looking forward to playing soccer in college?
EC: I am definitely looking forward to playing in college. I saw a BU game against Harvard when I was out there, and it is definitely a different level but it’s exciting.

The Voice: What keeps you pushing through your last year even after you have signed and are set in terms of college?
EC: Even though I am already “set” in terms of college, I just want to finish the year well. Sometimes it is hard to stay focused on schoolwork, but I don’t want my grades to slip when there is only half the year left.  Even though it’s a cliché, I just want to end high school on a good note.

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