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Player Profile: Tori Tsolis

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Tori Tsolis has been running miles and miles with times shorter than anyone in the school. The Voice Newspaper caught up with this star athlete for a quick questionnare:

Voice: How long have you been doing cross country?

Tori Tsolis: This is my second year doing cross country. I started on varsity last season because I ran track freshman year.

Voice: What influenced you to join cross country?

Tori: Mr. Cozort told me that I would not do well in track if I did not do cross country and it sounded fun.

Voice: How do you balance school work and sports?

Tori: It starts getting really hard because I get home late from practices. But it definitely helps me organize my time better.

Voice: What are the responsibilities of being team captain?

Tori: Pretty much just keeping everyone together, staying positive, and being supportive of everyone. I also made a poster for one of the meets which was fun to do.

Voice: Where are the meets held?

Tori: The meets are all over. The first one is in San Francisco, the second one is in Mountain View and the third one is in Crystal Springs at San Mateo.

Voice: How often do you practice and where do you run?

Tori: We practice six times a week at Los Gatos High School and in the Quick Silver Hills. Twice a week we also run at Pres at six in the morning. It’s tough but I like it.

Voice: Do you like track or cross country more?

Tori: I definitely like track a lot more because it is less running. It is more natural to me than running the long distances.

Voice: How do you consider cross country a team sport?

Tori: I consider it a team sport because it takes five people to score. Everyone has to work together to beat certain people. You want to get the lowest score so you can win.

Voice: Have you ever been injured and how did you recover from it?

Tori: Yes, I have a reoccurring hip problem and my knee is actually injured right now. I go to the physical therapist and get deep tissue massages from Julia here at Pres. Hopefully my knee will get better soon.

Voice: Have you ever seen any wildlife when you were running?

Tori: Actually I have. I’ve seen a big snake, a very hairy tarantula, and a super cool peacock while running in Los Gatos.

Voice: How has cross country helped you grow as a person?

Tori: Cross country has helped me become a team player because track is more individual. It also has definitely helped me manage my time. I learned how to be a better leader and how to stay positive.

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