How Much Do YOU Know About Nano Nagle?

Megan Munce, Online Editor

Think you know a lot about Nano Nagle just because you passed freshman religion?

Take this quiz to find out!

1. What did Nano Nagle die from?
2. In how many countries are there now Presentation orders?
3. How many siblings did Nano Nagle have?
4. Where did Nano Eagle study before returning to Ireland?
5. When did Nano open her first school?
6. Where is Nano Nagle buried?
7. Which award did Nano Nagle posthumously win?
8. What was Nano Nagle known as in her time?
9. What's Nano Nagle's real name?
10. What is Nano Nagle's Chinese zodiac sign?
11. What does PBVM stand for?
12. Where was Nano Nagle born?
13. What name did she take as a nun?
14. What is Nano's status in the Catholic Church?
15. Which of Nano's bones resides in Pres's chapel?