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Hall Decorating 2015-2016: Movie Series

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While the cardboard and the humongous paper bag-boulder no longer decorate our halls, let us take a moment to appreciate all of the hard work that everyone put into the little details that made their halls great.


Freshman Hall:

Come into the Freshmen’s Temple of Doom… if you dare!

Mummies and Sarcophaguses give an eerie feeling to anyone who approaches.

Quick! Run! It’s a boulder!

An angry monkey judges the judges.

An adventurous Pascal’s styling the mystery gold hat while driving the jeep. Where are the other mascots?

Poor Batman is trapped in a pit of snakes.


One of the many Minions is captured by Indiana Jones


… And Perry falls victim to an avalanche of rocks.


A damsel in distress demonstrates the classic see-spider-and-faint technique.


Each of the freshmen colored a hieroglyph to decorate the calls of the temple.


It looks like we made it out… but there are still 3 halls to go!


Sophomore Hall:

Welcome to the Sophomore Hall!



Only those who know about Platform 9 ¾ (aka the CI Office) may enter.


The class mascots are all here to help Harry Potter fight….


He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named (aka Voldemort).


Anyone up for a game of Quidditch?



The sky is full of stars as students are invited to attend the magical Yule Ball.


No wonder Ron is afraid of spiders!


With a creative spin on the Harry Potter quote, inscribed on the walls is the description “The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of Sophomores BEWARE!”


No one should be forced to live with the Dursley’s, who made Harry sleep under the staircase.



All members of the Sophomore class participated by being sorted into the four houses of Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.


Hedwig, Harry’s pet owl, travels in a cage (made out of one of the mystery items: a gold hat). Someone’s Quidditch uniform is also sticking out of a suitcase (blue shirt mystery item).


Look out! The rat on top of the red shorts mystery item might be Peter Pettigrew in disguise!


Hogwarts School’s motto is “Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus”, or “Never tickle a sleeping dragon”.


Junior Hall:


Arrrr you ready to set sail with the Minions of the Caribbean (the Class of 2017)?



This British vessel is voyaging on the rough seas.


It looks like all of the other class mascots are being forced to walk the plank! I hope they can swim!


Watch out for those mermaids! They might be beautiful, but their seduction can trap sailors at sea!


Davy Jones is waiting for you…


Ahoy Matey!


Separated by homeroom, each member of the Junior Class has their name inside of a bottle.


The mystery blue shirt has been cut and painted to look like seaweed.


Here’s the mystery red shorts!


The mystery gold hat has been found with the rest of the treasure.


The class of 2017 sails on with deadly concentration on that Spirit Trophy and those Spirit Points.


Senior Hall:



Welcome the Andy’s Room/ the Senior’s Toy Story-themed hall!


Using the color scheme from the original Toy Story, the Seniors are ready to tackle another hall.




The gang’s all here! Res and Mr. Potatohead are hanging out with a Minion from the Class of 2017.


Batman and Pascal spend time with Slinky at the end of Sunnyside Daycare. Slinky is made out of painted styrofoam rings.


Emperor Zurg scours the galaxy while looking for his son, Buzz Lightyear. (Maybe he can take that rocket with him.)


Here he comes! Buzz Lightyear performs “falling with style” from Andy’s room to a galaxy to infinity and beyond.


The aliens from Pizza Planet are ready to be chosen by The Claw.


Sunnyside Daycare has a cubby for everything (and everyone)! The teachers must help the students fold their mystery shorts and shirt in a neat cubby above the mystery gold hat.


Each class had everyone sign their names onto class handprints at Sunnyside.


Homemade planets really add to the feeling of a galaxy.


Now, we must say “so long partner” to our class of 2016 and the end of Spirit Week.


First Place: Seniors

Second Place: Juniors

Third Place: Freshmen

Fourth Place: Sophomores

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Hall Decorating 2015-2016: Movie Series