The Positives of Social Media


Kav Lakshmi, Online Editor

Social media.

Just those two words can incite some type of reaction in all people, either positive or negative. Yet many people often focus only on the negative aspects of social media.

Social media can provide an outlet for people who struggle with anxiety and with making friends in person to make connections and breed some of the strongest friendships; it allows those with similar interests to form strong online communities.

I know that I myself have found many close friends, including my best friend, and a community of people who adore reading the way I do through the use of apps like Twitter and Instagram.

It also acts as a perfect example of the power of freedom of speech in how it allows all people a platform to use their voice. There are people as young as pre-teens and teens who use their voices and implement change – and others who encourage this process. People can voice their opinions which can work to open other people’s minds and foster new ideas and mentalities.

Many organizations, such as the Human Rights Campaign and the Trevor Project, use social media to share their work and reach a wider audience. These interactions between young teens, well-known organizations, and people of all-kinds encourages engaging discourse and diversity of thought.

Use of social media also has the ability to further self-love in how it gives everyone the opportunity to celebrate their appearance and personality and share themselves with others. And while it furthers this self-love, the compliments and love shared between users also furthers love and acceptance of others.

That being said, like everything, social media comes with its fair share of negatives.

While it can provide strong friendships, there’s also the fear of dangerous users of social media with bad intentions. While it can open people’s minds, it can also cause many heated arguments. While it can foster self-love and acceptance of others, it can also cause insecurities and foster rude and hurtful comments.

The issue is when people only choose to focus on the negatives. Yes, like everything, social media comes with its fair share of negatives. But, again, like everything, social media has many positives that don’t deserve to be ignored.