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Mag Drive Spirit in the Holiday Season

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Screaming girls, flashing colors, and prizes evoke feelings of Pres pride and spirit that can only come from one time of the year: Mag Drive!

Mag drive is a great time for the whole school to support students and bring in some much needed money. The passion that each student and class brings is something that makes Presentation special.

However, when it comes to holiday drives, the Presentation students seem less than excited to give back to the community. The same group of girls who scream their heads off and cover their entire body different colors lack the spirit to bring turkeys, buy presents and leaflet.

It is hard to be passionate about drives that follow the whirlwind that is Mag Drive which, understandably, leaves every member of the community devoid of a little extra cheer. Plus, the holiday drives happen during a busy time of year that often includes major paper and project deadlines, final sporting events, the fall musical, college deadlines, and more.

Yet, it is concerning to see the apathetic viewpoint many take when it comes to supporting the needy. The holiday drives are more than just a nuisance during a time filled with CRPs and final exams. It is a way for Presentation to give back to the community that supports them.

The holiday drive donations go to Sacred Heart, a well known organization that works to eradicate poverty and alleviate the effects that poverty has on a person. To be fair, our school provides videos that explain exactly where our donations go within Sacred Heart. However, during a short 10-minute period that’s filled to the brim with information, it is hard to pay attention.

It is important for each and every one of us to change our viewpoints on the holiday drives and bring the same spirit we have during Mag Drive to the holiday season.

If we focus on the positive outcomes that just a few pennies, cans, toys, and turkeys can bring, I am sure that our attitudes regarding these drives will match and even surpass the intense passion that we hold during Mag Drive.

A simple way to motivate yourself during the holiday season is to get a group of your friends to canvass with you and make it a fun outing. Also, the next time you go to the mall, bring a list of toys to get and maybe make it a race with your friends to see who can finish their list first. You can also ask for all of your change in pennies, when convenient for Penny Drive.

Systematically, the administration can help the entire school get motivated. It would be a great incentive to change the third day off that we receive from Mag Drive to a goal for holiday drive. Also, canvassing can be changed from after school to a middle-of-the-day collaboration, which would also get more teachers involved.

Finally, we could get different clubs, sports teams, and school groups involved in the drives. Wouldn’t it be fun to have different sports teams compete against each other to see who donates the most?

So the next time you find yourselves lamenting that daunting task of buying toys or digging for pennies, remind yourselves of the importance of your donations.

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Mag Drive Spirit in the Holiday Season