Good-Bye 2014…Hello 2015


Ankita Bhanot, Managing Editor

2014 was an exciting year. There were big changes in the world of politics and entertainment, among others. And just like any other year, 2014 came with its own fads of music, fashion and language.

However, as exciting as Kimye and the trend of oversized sweaters may have been, there are some things that do not need to be carried on into our new year. As we look back at 2014 and look forward into the new year, there are things we must leave behind in the past year and other things we can be excited about in our future.

Leave In 2014:

At Presentation:

  • Sweatsuit Winter Uniform: As much as we may have loved our stylish navy sweatpants and bulletproof sweatshirt, there is a new winter uniform that is slowly becoming more popular around campus. You may have seen the navy athletic type pants paired with the gray sweater on some Pres girls, looking cuter and more comfortable than the winter uniform of years past.
  • Hard Copies in Class: Although we got our iPads at the beginning of the school year, this new semester is when teachers are really making the effort to go paperless. Now most class documents, homework, and even essays and research papers are being submitted through either Canvas or Google Drive. Getting rid of all the unnecessary hard copies will be beneficial for both students and teachers, and of course, the environment.Hard Copies In Class

In the World:

  • “Bae”: How many of you cringed when you saw this? Bae has been used endlessly by teenage girls everywhere, becoming so popular that even Pharrell used in the the title of one of his songs. But come on people, really? Not only does this word just sound wrong, it’s unnecessary! We already have the word “baby” which is short enough. If it’s really that hard for you to add that last syllable, we have a bigger problem here.
  • The Kim Kardashian Game: There was a time when it seemed like almost every girl in the country had this game downloaded on her phone. Everywhere you turned; in line at Starbucks, hanging out with your friends, you were sure to catch at least one girl navigating her virtual character in Kim K’s world. But let’s be real, as much as we want to believe it, Kim Kardashian doesn’t even know who many of these players are, let alone offering them modeling jobs.

Kim K

    • Frozen: The movie may have come out in 2013, but the hype surrounding it really only emerged in 2014. From the adorable Halloween “Elsa” costumes, to the hairstyle trend of the poofy side braid, to “Let It Go” making it onto mainstream radio, it seemed like Frozen was appearing everywhere in our lives. However, although it’s a great movie, it’s time to let it go. It’s time to give attention to other Disney movies.


Look Forward To in 2015:

At Presentation:

  • The “New” New Building: It’s been under construction for so long, and now it’s finally done! Many of us have classes in the new building, or at the very least, have been able to look at the rooms. Some of the awesome perks include the cool swivel chairs and larger classrooms.
  • Lighter Homework Load: Pres has been working hard to make its environment less stressful, through the many homework and stress surveys that we took earlier in the year. The good news is that the administration is using the results of these surveys to alter classes’ overall workload. Hopefully we won’t be working past midnight anymore!Hard Copies
  • More Parking Spaces: And now that construction on the new building has been finished, the parking spots in the back of the school are available again! Finally, we don’t have to park a mile away and make that long trek to school in the morning.

In the World:

  • Self-Driving Car: Some of you skeptics may be raising your eyebrow at this and thinking, “Really?” But it’s true! Google’s new autonomous, electric car was released to be tested earlier this month. Maybe you’ll be seeing a couple popping up on your streets!

  • #NoMakeup: You may have seen pictures with this hashtag trending on sites like Instagram and Twitter. Celebrities have taken to posting makeup-less pictures online to encourage others to be comfortable in their own skin. And in 2015, this trend will likely carry and become more widespread. In fact, Marc Jacobs sent his models down the runway without makeup at his latest fashion show. No Makeup