Fake Christmas Tree Con



Krista Blazier, Reporter

Is it really Christmas if your house doesn’t reek of pine needles? Of course not. The increasing popularity of fake Christmas trees comes with some serious cons that definitely put a damper on the holiday spirit, including the lack of the signature aroma of a genuine tree.

Sure, it may be convenient to have a fake tree, but why let convenience run your holiday? Of course it is easier to pull out your plastic plant from the attic and stick it in the middle of the room instead of going out to choose a real tree, but it is far less fun.

Keeping holiday traditions is part of what makes life memorable, and following the routine of going to the tree farm to pick out a fresh tree around Christmas-time makes the holiday all the more enjoyable, and reminds us of the simpler days of our childhood. Who doesn’t want to remember the fun of Christmas and all the good family memories?

Plus, choosing a unique tree that you can call your own is much better than having the same plastic model as all of your friends. If you want your decorations to be unique to you, it is necessary to have a genuine tree.

In terms of decorations, it is true that it is easier to put ornaments up on a plastic tree due to their sturdier limbs, but real trees always turn out much prettier. The real tree looks alive once it is done up with lights and sparkling ornaments, rather than overdone and cheesy as a fake tree does.

Though tending to be a bit cleaner, fake trees don’t quite have the spirit and character that live trees do. A few pine needles on the ground here and there, though tedious to clean up, are a small price to pay for the beauty of the real tree. Instead of a metal pole being visible through the thin plastic branches sticking out of it, a wooden trunk full of lush and green branches brings the beauty of nature into your home.

It really makes you think of Christmas movies that feature scenes including evergreen forests covered in snow. Due to our lack of white Christmases in San Jose, the “fresh from the North Pole” vibe that a genuine tree gives off is much more spirited than the plastic, inauthentic vibe that a fake tree gives off.

As someone who has had a fake tree for as long as I can remember, I can guarantee that something will feel like it is missing from the holiday season if you choose to replace the visit to the Christmas tree farm with a run to Target. If you want your Christmas to feel genuine and full of cheer, then don’t be a lazy Scrooge; get a real, live, beautiful tree.