A Modest Proposal

Drunken Pumpkin is having going to have a great Halloween hangover this year!

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Drunken Pumpkin is having going to have a great Halloween hangover this year!

Alexa Westlake, Reporter

Halloween is on a Friday this year! You know what that means? You won’t have to come to school with a hangover again! So that means you can do whatever you want on Friday with absolutely no consequences! Here’s 3 awesome tips for having the best Halloween ever this year.

1.) Drive drunk and accidentally run over your 7-year-old next door neighbor!

If you were only pulled over drunk and this is your first offense of driving drunk (with more than .01% blood alcohol content), then you can serve 4 days to 6 months jail time, $1,000 in fines, and have your license suspended anywhere from for 30 days to 10 months. If you were not caught by a policeman on the way home, but instead and killed someone, the consequences are much worse. Mother’s Against Drunk Driving reports that the jail time for drunk driving vehicular homicide as is up to 10 years. Plus, you have to live out your whole life with a prison record and the guilt of ending the life of an innocent 7-year-old girl in a Princess Elsa costume trying to get candy on Halloween.

2.) Drink so much that you get alcohol poisoning and everyone else at the party is too drunk to notice!

As blood alcohol content increases, so does the risk you run of permanent brain damage. If someone does find you in a life-threatening condition, they may be too drunk to drive or too afraid to call the police to get help. Would you trust your life in the hands of a party full of drunk teenagers? Even worse, what if no one finds you until the next morning, where you lie dead next to the toilet in a pool of your own vomit because you didn’t know when enough was enough. One night of “fun” has officially cost you your life.

3.) Have explicit pictures posted and ruin the chances of getting accepted into college or getting a job!

Everyone these days has an iPhone camera, easily connectable to instagram, twitter, snapchat, and other social media sites. When alcohol is consumed, judgement fades away and high schoolers forget consequences. Imagine if your future employer googled your name and up popped a picture of you holding bottles of Fireball half naked. Think you would be getting the job? What if you had worked your entire high school career getting straight A’s and good SAT scores and the college of your dreams turns you down because the 2014 Halloween party pictures resurface. The internet is forever, and nothing really ever goes away.

Mrs. Lagana has taught us to avoid situations like Halloween parties on a friday night. Just be aware that you are responsible and there are consequences, so stay safe. What if your parents were to see you behaving like this? Is this who you are? Remember that you have so much worth and you have such a bright future. While Halloween may seem like the perfect night to try things you wouldn’t usually do, stay safe and take care of yourselves. Above all, remember that life has consequences. Don’t let your Halloween be all tricks and no treats.