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Pres Prom: Con Seperation

Sarah Zajac

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Prom night rolls around and Pres girls scamper around trying to get themselves ready for the big night with their dates. Not only are we excited to do our hair and makeup for the special occasion and take pictures in our glamor, but the night full of dancing with friends in an environment that everyone has been waiting for is truly a spectacular feeling.

When there are more people present at any event, it is generally more exciting. Most Pres girls would agree with this statement when discussing prom. It’s more fun when there are more people around and more friends to socialize and dance crazy with all night. With this in consideration, our prom committee wisely chose to combine the junior and senior proms into one Arabian night.

Presentation has always had this combination of classes for prom, which satisfies a great deal of the student body. For the seniors, it is their last big bang of high school other than graduation. Most of the seniors would argue that they would like to spend this night not only with their dates and the girls that they have grown up with for the past four years, but also with friends from the junior class. Juniors and seniors have combined classes during the school year, allowing them to make special friendships; friendships just as special as those among the senior class.

For this reason, senior Rachel Ometer said, “I definitely like it combined because I have a lot of friends who are juniors, so I get to see them, hang out and take pictures with them.”

Prom should be the best dance of the whole year for many of these juniors and seniors. Ometer continues to say, “There are more people when it is combined, so it’s more fun. If they were to separate the proms there would not be as many people to share the experience and I feel like it wouldn’t be the same.”

Not only is Pres prom more appealing due to the combination, but it saves the school a good portion of volunteers and money when planning and setting up for the magical night.

People in favor of separate proms will argue that having it on campus would save money and solve the budget problems that arise with two events.

But Ms. Schneider, Alumnae Director and the coordinator for prom, said, “The reality is that there are not two free weekends to have it on campus. We would have to shut down the gym for three days. Doing that twice wouldn’t work and parent involvement would have to be huge. It would be more hectic because we would have to plan two completely different themes.”

Not only would students enjoy the night more together, but teachers would only need to chaperone one night of dancing. Our faculty could easily be at home or having a night out with friends, but instead they agree to participate in this event in order to make it unforgettable for their students.

While it would be unlikely for teachers to have to chaperone both events, the possibility always exists. Asked via email how they would feel about having to be present at two proms, teachers responded with everything from “No way,” to “Ha ha ha ha ha.”

From the chaotic, stressful conversations that are heard around campus during the school day, prom seems like it already places enough stress on Pres students when it comes to finding a date, organizing who is at which table, coordinating pictures and planning for afterward. Students do not need any more reasons to stress over what should be a night to remember.

With the junior and senior classes attending the same prom in the same ballroom on the same night, we will have a happier and stress-free environment simply because there are enough people around to mingle with and dance with that you are guaranteed a better night.

Prom has always been combined for a reason.

While the classes may be getting slightly larger, they’re still not even close to big enough to warrant separate events. A junior and senior prom has always been fun and will continue to be for a long time. Leave it alone.



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Pres Prom: Con Seperation