Seniors Tell Their Funniest Pres Experiences


My freshman year, the frenchies came for the first time. It was a Friday, a casual Friday for the teachers to be exact. I decided to be a real friendly American and whilst stuck in a crowded hallway, I grabbed one and smiled and said “Welcome to America!!”. And Mr. Donoho turned around(in his casual friday ootd of jeans and sweater), said “Hello” curtly, and continued down the hallway leaving me extremely embarrassed.

– Anonymous

This one time I was passionately rapping Baby Got Back and I whipped around for a killer dance move in the break down and became face to face with Mrs. Ursin. She responded with a droll “Hello Ankitha”.

– Ankitha Neelavar 

On my freshman year, I had Ms. Raposa for Geometry and I knew she was married to a teacher with the name of Mr. Buell ( I didn’t know him at that time). But for the longest time, I thought she was married to Mr. Wang ( I also didn’t know him at that time). He would sometimes visit her classroom during lunch and I assumed the guy eating lunch in her classroom was her husband. But I would be so confused because I would see a white guy on her blue cube full of pictures and just assumed Mr. Wang looked white in the pictures. It was until the end of the school year that I realized Mr. Buell and Mr. Wang are two totally different teachers and Mr. Buell, a white guy, is married to Ms. Raposa.

– Anonymous

Last year, we were practicing our class day dance and Caroline slid on her knees and her blue toe nail polish left a long blue streak on the floor of the gym. We spent 30 minutes trying to rub it off. Then we ran away as fast as we could before Kevin could yell at us.

– Natalie Matian

Once I accidentally called Mr. Lorenzo Patrick to his face, and then he sent me an email an hour later signed Sincerly, Mr. Lorenzo

– Anonymous

Manush and her group were presenting a small project in Social Justice last year, and so she was air playing her iPad screen. Back then, Manush had not yet learned to turn her iPad on Do Not Disturb at all times; so all her texts would show up on the screen. I, naturally, was napping through class and woke up towards the end to a few texts from Manush. So, in response, I said “Lol I just woke up.” Little did I know, Manush was on Air Play so my text was displayed for the entire class to see. LUCKILY, Mrs. Dalton was looking away at that moment, so the entire class started laughing, but she thought the laughter was about Manush’s presentation and not my text.

– Talla Khelghati