Why Did You Choose Pres?


Megan Munce

Juniors Sarah Vincent and Emma Komar pose by the Presentation entrance sign.

Megan Munce, Assistant Online Editor

Molly Lowney, ’17:

“My sister came here, but also I think Pres just felt right to me. I felt like I could fit into the community really well because it was all girls and I felt like I could get into leadership positions because of the empowering community. It just fit for me.”

Brianna Gallo, ’19:

“I came because I know from my family members that Pres is a really fun and encouraging environment. My mom, her sisters, and my sister all went to Pres.”

Shreya Deshpande, ‘20:

“The speech and debate team was a really a big plus for me. This is a really chill school.”

Amy Santos, ’17:

“Pres seemed the most down to earth out of all the schools I applied to.”

Brandon Garrett, ’05:

“My mom made me.”

Yazmine Ocampo, ‘18:

“When I came and shadowed, I felt that this community was very encouraging and heartwarming. I thought Pres would make me a much more outgoing and confident person. I felt at home. I had watched Pres shows in the past, and was impressed with the productions and wanted to be part of one.”

Saahiti Vankayalapati, ‘20:

“I was really impressed by my shadowing experience. I liked the classes here.”

Gillian Pereira, ‘18:

“I went to all the Pres events–7th Grade Day, Open House–and I absolutely loved the Pres community. Everyone from my middle school comes here.”

Nina Ramchandani, ‘19:

“I came to Pres because it seemed like an inclusive environment that I didn’t see at any other school. The faculty seemed like they really cared about the students and the students seemed happy.”

Natasha Aji, ‘19:

“I’ve always known that I wanted to go to Pres because my cousin graduated from here in 2013. During the high school admissions process, I was really interested by the speech and debate program, the classes, and the general atmosphere.”

Diane Suba, ‘20:

“My aunts went to Pres and I always wanted to. I didn’t really have a choice at first, but then I grew to like it.”