Pres Students Design Snapchat Geofilters


From left to right, Angelina Martino's filter for Carmel, Lynnea Jeung's filter for the San Francisco Zoo, and Ellie Peyton's filter for Britton Avenue.

Sarah Avila, Reporter

When you’re scrolling through filters on Snapchat, you probably swipe through a lot of designs. You see dog filters and face swaps, but you probably don’t expect to see your own artwork.

But three Presentation students got the chance to experience this firsthand.

With a variety of projects from making stickers, learning typography, and designing a book cover, students taking Graphic Design I have the opportunity to explore the vast world of digital art. One such project involved creating a Snapchat geofilter for a nonprofit public location. All students submitted their work to Snapchat, and three of the students’ artwork was chosen to be featured as official geofilters for specific locations.

Sophomore Lynnea Jeung created a geofilter for the San Francisco Zoo, sophomore Angelina Martino designed a geofilter for the city of Carmel, and Junior Ellie Peyton developed a geofilter for her home street, Britton Avenue. Among the many submissions, their work was picked to be shared with thousands of users of the popular media app.

When choosing a location for their geofilter, the Pres students wanted to choose a place that was special to them. “I had a lot of childhood memories there,” Jeung says of the San Francisco Zoo.

Martino had a similar experience with her selection process. “I was trying to come up with a place that had a lot of meaning to me and Carmel is a place that my family and I go to a lot and there’s a beach that we go that we bring our dogs to. It really meant a lot to me that I got to design a filter for this place.”

As for Peyton, she wanted to highlight someplace where she spent quality time with her friends, family, and neighbors. “I thought of my street; that would be pretty cool because I think I would be able to use that pretty often.”

Using Adobe Illustrator, the Graphic Design students used a variety of techniques to create their geofilter, from tracing online pictures to downloading fonts and even drawing their own art.

And all of their hard work paid off when they got the news that their designs were chosen. “It was really cool because I didn’t think it would get accepted,” Jeung says. “I was pretty happy that mine got in because you’re able to see your artwork [on Snapchat].”

The good news kept coming as the students were recognized for their accomplishments with an interview for KPIX/CBS San Francisco. But their recognized artwork isn’t the only thing these Pres girls are happy about. They also love the overall class, with its engaging curriculum, updated Mac Lab, and new teacher Grace Lee.

“I really like the Graphic Design class and I think that everyone should take it,” Martino says. “It’s an amazing class and Ms. Lee is an amazing teacher. It’s really fun and I got to explore this new type of art that I didn’t really know I could do.”

Peyton also shared a similar view on the digital art class. “I was never a creative person. I never thought of myself as an artist of anything, but [Ms. Lee] showed me that with this graphic design and using technology to create art that I actually can be really creative.”