Christmas Gift Fails: Teacher Edition


Kellyn Wilde, Reporter

It’s Christmas Day, and it’s time to open your presents. You unwrap the gift from your parents, preparing yourself to get your hands on the MacBook you’ve been asking for all year. And then you see the sweater. The sweater that should have been a MacBook.

Everyone knows how depressing that moment is. You may as well have gotten a lump of coal. Our teachers can certainly sympathize. Apparently these teachers were on someone’s naughty list at some point.


1. Caroline Murray had just gotten a new job and her boyfriend wanted to give her an appropriate Christmas gift for the occasion: a business suit.

“He literally full on bought me a power suit. It was maroon with a jacket and a long skirt. It was made for a grandma to go to church in,” she said.

As you can imagine, Murray did not wear her hideous power suit to her new job. Unfortunately, she returned it, so we will not be seeing her wearing it anytime soon.

2. We all have that one relative who likes to give us presents from the places they have travelled. In Diane Rosenthal’s case, it was merchandise from Purdue University.

“Every Christmas from the time I was eight until 27 I got something that said Purdue on it,” she said.

Try and keep your eyes out for Rosenthal in the halls sporting Purdue shirts, sweatshirts, and hats.

3. Marcy Ray’s family has a long lasting tradition of passing on a lucky talisman. Whichever family receives the Indian wine holder for Christmas has to display it in their house for the year.

Ray only has one problem. She can’t stand looking at it. She will have to continue seeing the ugly cabinet until Christmas, when she ca.n finally ship it off to the next lucky family.

4. One Christmas, Brandon Garrett got a stack of used books with the name of the person that gifted them inside the cover. That sure shows how important someone is to you.

5. Eric Buell has a fair collection of religious knickknacks from over the years, but there is definitely one that stands out: a nun bowling set.

“The game was to roll the ball and knock down as many nuns as you can,” he said.

Maybe not the best gift for a religion teacher.

6. Much like Buell, Jordan Wang received a religious gift for the holidays one year. Unlike Buell, Wang does not teach religion. In fact, he is not even Christian.

A student approached him one year with a gift in hand. When he opened it, he saw a shiny silver crucifix. But Wang remained an optimist about it saying, “I appreciate her trying to save my soul.”


Let’s not forget the students of Presentation. Monique Kohlstadt, junior, received an engraved locket with her name misspelled in it. Natalie Olsen, senior, got a children’s book on the evolution of tadpoles. Jena Tran, junior, got a raw potato. Rebecca Zane, sophomore, received a workbook about how to show devotion to God.

It happens to all of us. We all got the sweater that should have been a MacBook, and we will eventually get it again.