New Year, New Clubs

Sarah Avila and Afra Ahmed, Reporter and special features editor

In the chaos that is club day, it can be hard to learn about all of Pres’ many clubs. Thankfully we’ve created this helpful guide to the newest clubs on campus. Whether you’re interested in space, kittens, medicine, trumpets or musically inclined space cats with PhDs, there’s a club for everyone.


Astronomy Club

Are you curious about the secrets of the universe? The Astronomy Club is all about exploring outer space and the amazing wonders it holds.

Along with monthly meetings, the club holds Viewing Nights at Pres twice a semester, which allow students to stargaze, read star maps, and study the night sky through a telescope.

Other activities include fields trips to the Lick Observatory and the NASA Ames Research Center right here in Silicon Valley.

But it’s not just about astronomy. This club will also introduce students to different fields of science.

“At Pres, we are a very English based school and I think the Astronomy Club would be a great way to get girls introduced to more of a STEM-based area of expertise,” club officer Audrey Berner said.

President Carleen Markey is also looking forward to an internship day in January hosted by the Astronomy Club where girls will get the opportunity to score science internships.

That is so out of this world.


PHS Jazz Band

When Rachel Jacobson applied to Presentation three years ago, she noticed that our school did not offer an active Jazz Band.

But now that she is a junior, Jacobson decided to help create one.

The Presentation Jazz Band invites students to be in a band environment while also expanding their love for music.

The club will be split into two levels of band, a beginner level for students who want to learn a new instrument and an upper level for students with previous experience.

“Hopefully by the end of the year, we’ll all be able to play together,” the woodwind leader said.

The band is going to perform in the Presentation talent show and is exploring other venues, like the Lincoln Glen Senior Center. Their goal is to be able to play in the CMEA State Solo and Ensemble Festival, a music festival featuring choral, orchestra, and jazz groups of all sizes.

Unlike previous jazz bands here at Presentation that have been discontinued, Jacobson thinks this one will stick around.

“Hopefully since this is a club, there’s like various levels of commitment, so people will be able to join and hopefully stay members.”


Panthers Exploring Medicine

Juniors Gillian Pereira and Shruti Pai started Panthers Exploring Medicine in order get Pres girls interested in the world of medicine.

Both Pereira and Pai are a part of Medical Explorers, a program that introduces high schoolers to the field of healthcare, and were inspired to make the opportunities they have as a part of Medical Explorers available to Pres girls with their club.

Members of this new club can expect to ,“learn about the various medical fields and the ways to enter the medical field,” says Pereira. Monthly meetings will be filled with presentations given by Pai and Pereira, medicine related games, and lectures from guest speakers from various medical fields. Guest speakers who are Pres alumnae will explain how they got from Pres to the medical field. Each semester, members will take a field trip to places like the Stanford Blood Center and Intuitive Surgical’s Sunnyvale facilities.

Pereira says that she and Pai, “were both pleasantly surprised with the number of people interested in joining our club and it was great to meet all the students interested.”

Students interested in joining this new club can email Pereira at [email protected] or Pai at [email protected], and can also check out the Panthers Exploring Medicine Board in room.

Pereira encourages students to check out the club, saying, “You don’t have to want to be a doctor to join our club, anyone with an interest and an open mind is welcome!”



The leaders of Presentation Animal Wellness Squad hope to draw attention to the treatment of animals.

Inspired by CI’s mission of community service, the founders of PAWS decided to create a club that combined their love of service with their love for animals. “We wanted something that included all of God’s creatures, so the animals,” says senior Georgina Chavez.

During meetings, members will learn about various problems surrounding the animal world, such as puppy mills. PAWS plans to hold regular fundraisers like Benson’s Birthday Party and a Howl-oween Fundraiser that will raise money and awareness for animals. Additionally, Chavez hopes that the club can volunteer at least once a semester at a Nike Animal Rescue Foundation adoption fair.

Chavez is extremely enthusiastic about meeting all of PAWS’ members, especially after the over 180 sign-ups they received on club day. Students interested in joining PAWS can email Chavez at [email protected].