How To (not) Write Your CRP

Rachel Stanley, Reporter

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Step 1: Don’t check your calendar for deadlines. As we know, that causes stress, and that is something we most definitely want to avoid.





Step 2: Watch some Netflix, browse Tumblr, check your Facebook or Instagram. I mean, it’s technically research, isn’t it? Kind of?




Step 3: Forget about the paper altogether. It’s probably been causing you some subconscious stress, so it’s for the best.




Step 4: A few weeks later, allow yourself to remember your paper. Now that you have psychologically prepared yourself through the art of procrastination, you should probably check that deadline.




Step 5: Discover that your paper is due tomorrow.




Step 6: Allow the panic to sink in.



Step 7: Cry.




Step 8: Cry some more.




Step 9: Drink a lot of caffeine.




Step 10: Feverishly crank out a twelve paged paper with excellent sources – Wikipedia counts, right? – and artfully phrased topic sentences.




Step 11: Go to bed at some point in the early morning and catch an hour of sleep.




Step 12: Turn your paper in the next morning, riddled with coffee stains and misspelled words.




Step 13: Finally, complain incessantly about how CRPs require way too much work and how unreasonable teachers’ deadlines are. How on earth are you supposed to get everything done on time anyways?

but it's haaaaard. photo ButItsHard.gif






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