Diving Into Pres: Meet Our New Diving Coach


Emma Dessau, Reporter

There’s always something changing here at Pres– a new building, a new baby on the way, a new app to download for APES. For the diving team, however, the biggest change this year is a brand new diving coach.

Lindsay Lester just joined the Presentation community as Head Coach of the diving team. Since you probably aren’t one of the nine girls on the diving team, we spent a couple minutes with Lester so that the rest of the school could learn about the new coach.

The Voice: What’s your background in diving? How did you first get into it?

LL: I did gymnastics for 10 years, and then I switched over to diving my freshman year. I was recruited to the University of Miami and I graduated last May.

The Voice: How did you find your way to Pres?

LL: I’m a fitness instructor at the Orange Theory Fitness, and Marisa [Watts Cozort] used to go there. And I met her there and she asked me if I wanted to coach! So now I’m here and we’ve got eight or nine girls on the team, three of them are on club level, the rest from scratch.

The Voice: What’s your favorite part of coaching?

LL: My favorite part is probably when the girls get it, it clicks and they come up smiling because they’ve made the correction and they know that they did it right.

The Voice: What are your goals for the team this year?

LL: Well I would love if everyone made it to CCS, that would be the goal. Some of the girls will definitely make it, so I just want to make sure that they all have fun, and are safe while doing it.

The Voice: Now for the fun questions! If you were an aquatic creature, what would you be?

LL: Probably a dolphin! They’re nice, they’re fun. I’ve swum with them a couple times, and they seem pretty okay.

The Voice:  I’ve been told that swimsuits can be pretty rough in the looks department. Ugly designs and colors and such. Have you had any memorably ugly swimsuits?

LL: You know, not so much…in high school I picked my own out and in college we had really nice, Nike swimsuits. I did however, smack [hitting the water hard enough to cause physical pain] so hard one time that I ripped my suit, off of the 10 meter [high dive], so that’s probably my most embarrassing swimsuit experience.