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Thanksgiving Feast-ivities and Family Traditions

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This year on Nov. 26, all of us will gather with our friends and families on Thanksgiving to join together for a meal or activity with which we commemorate the holiday each year.  Thanksgiving is a holiday that has been celebrated for centuries, and we expect no surprises when we sit down for our dinners and take part in those activities we now associate with the holiday.  Still, while we may not find surprises in our own Thanksgiving celebrations, some of us may be shocked what other Pres girls do to celebrate.

All of us at Presentation know the traditional activities associated with Thanksgiving, the general protocol.  The most common of these traditions is the “turkey and trimmings,” the traditional idealized dinner of turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy, and many other tantalizing foods.  Visions of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade also materialize in our minds when thinking of this holiday, a day often also associated with casual games of football played to liven spirits.  Many are also acquainted with the classic tradition of splitting the wishbone in the turkey, hoping each year since we were young that this year will be the one we get to make the Thanksgiving wish as the winter holidays  grow near.

Still, while many of us will sit down to nearly gluttonous amounts of food that will yield leftovers for weeks as tradition mandates, there are some girls in our local Presentation community who will be celebrating the holiday in their own special way with unusual traditions that set them apart from the classic horde of turkey-stuffed Americans.  Here is how some of Presentation’s families personalize their Thanksgiving with their own unique traditions:

“Every Thanksgiving we go with my mom’s side of the family, and we rent a cabin somewhere different. So we all go there, and we have a special “Iron Chef Cook-Off Night” where we compete – we have competed with pasta, pizza and other fun foods. We all have aprons and we get an iron-on of the name of the place we went that year. It is really fun, and it is a good way to spend time together.”
-Alex Perroots, freshman

“Both my mom and I have birthdays around that time, and every four years we switch off between whose birthday ends up to be on Thanksgiving. So, depending on whose birthday is on that day or closest to it, she gets that week all to herself. We get to pick where we go on Thanksgiving weekend, and we get to pick the food we eat on Thanksgiving. One year it was directly in between our two dates, and we got to plan it together. It was tons of fun and a cute little tradition we both love sharing.”
-Athena Santos, sophomore

“Every Thanksgiving, my family gets those artificial leaves and sharpies, and we each write what we are thankful for on the leaf, then use the leaves as decorations for the table.”
-Katie Donohoe, junior

“In my family, we go to my cousin’s house for Thanksgiving. During dinner, we each have a candle, and then we go around in a circle lighting the candle of the person next to us and saying why we are thankful for them.”
-Nicole Gomes, senior

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Thanksgiving Feast-ivities and Family Traditions