What to Expect from Feast


Asha Chandar, Reporter

Feast is a special celebration unique to Presentation. According to Mrs. Lisa Brunolli, this year is “the 300th anniversary of [Nano Nagle’s] birth.”

Brunolli also Feast is special because, “it is a day where we celebrate our [foundress] Nano Nagle, and everything she stood for…” It is also one of her favorite Pres traditions and thinks “it is always inspiring to see how much our entire community enjoys it.”

The mass is different from other masses during the rest of the year because the Sisters of the Presentation come and join in . The Sisters also come to “renew their vows” which Brunolli thinks is “one of the most touching and inspiring parts of the Mass.”

Brunolli says, “the Sisters have always been dedicated to the idea that education is important not only for the empowerment of the individual, but also the betterment of the community.”

She also says, “When the Sisters come, it is our way of thanking them for the tradition they have started and for continuing the mission of Presentation.”

Every year there is a gift given from the Sisters after the principal gives a speech at the end of mass. The photo of Nano Nagle in the main foyer is an example of a gift given to the school one year.

After mass, and a brief break we all head back into the gym to watch the teachers perform.  Mrs. Brunolli, “There are a couple of teachers who organize [the performances] and make sure that there are plenty of acts that will entertain the students.”

One of my favorite performances last year  was watching Mr. Donoho lip sing to “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana. There is also a opening dance that the teachers put on for us.

A couple of things I would like to see this year is a sing off with Mrs. Arthur and another teacher. I would also like to see a lip sync battle and a couple of teachers try improv.

Feast is one of the most exciting times of year. Presentation students are looking forward to the celebration!