The House at the End of the Road

The House at the End of the Road

Asha Chandar, Reporter

Marcus, Jay, and I sit on the floor of my room with Charlie asleep on my queen-size bed.

“Jay, what time did he go to bed last night?” I ask, knowing Charlie is a night owl.

“He went to bed at midnight, which is early for him. He woke up at like 5 this morning to join me for a run,” he replies. “We should do something tonight. He’s been really stressed about everything.”

“Why don’t we go to the abandoned house at the end of the street? It’ll be a lot of fun. Plus there won’t be any kids there tonight,” Marcus chimes in.

“He scares easy Marcus. You know that,” Jay says. “We should wake him up though. It’s getting late and we should head home.”

“We can just stop by on the way home. I need a ride anyway, and Bailey is the only one with a license.”

Jay and I share a look, and sigh.

“Alright,” I cave, “but we stay for ten minutes, then we leave. We have a test in math tomorrow, and all of us have to study.”

I shake Charlie, and he wakes up with a start as Marcus and Jay pack their stuff up.

“We’re leaving. We’re going to the abandoned house before I drop you all home. And before you ask—yes, it was Marcus’ idea.”

He sits up, sleepily rubbing his eyes.


“Because you, my friend, are stressed. Plus it’ll be fun,” Marcus states confidently.

Charlie sighs and gets up to leave, mumbling how stupid this idea is.

We all head to the car with Charlie in the passenger seat, angrier than ever. Marcus and Jay are in the back seat and I climb into the driver’s seat. As I start the car, Marcus rambles on about how excited he is to explore the abandoned house.

“Can I hold your hand?” Charlie asks.

“Of course.”

He gently sets one of his hands in mine.

“We’re together,” he remarks, smiling softly at me, “you don’t need to be shy,”

I drive down the street and park in front of the house.

“Okay. We go in for ten minutes. If Charlie wants to leave, then we leave. Understand?”

Jay and Marcus nod in unison as we all head in.

The door creaks loudly when I push it open, and I hear Charlie whimper slightly as his grip on my hand gets tighter.

“Charlie, are you sure you want to do this?” I ask softly.

“Yes,” he replies, trying to sound somewhat confident.

I lead them all inside where Marcus has gone a few steps ahead of us.

“Bailey. Do you get the feeling we’re being watched?”

“A bit. We can leave anytime if you want. I don’t want you getting hurt, or worse.”

“Hey guys! I think I found something!” Jay yells from down the hall.

We rush over to make sure Jay and Marcus are okay. We find them in a room—not just any room–but an armory full of guns, swords and shields dating back to Medieval times.


As Charlie and I step closer to Marcus and Jay in the center of the room, the doors slam shut. Suddenly, it’s freezing cold.

“Who dares enter my house and armory?!” an omniscient voice yells.

“We’re sorry. We’ll leave immediately. Please let us go,” I say, trying to keep my voice steady while gripping Charlie’s hand.

I look around, trying to locate the source of the booming voice.

“Not until I get what I want. And what I want is for you all to find my hidden pearl necklace located in this very mansion. I believe it is in the upper levels of my house,” the voice demands.

The doors open, and we collectively sigh in relief.

“You have one hour. Or else.”

“So we’re going to stick together, right?”

They all nod, and we run to the top most level, looking around the master bedroom.

It has a large bed, wardrobe and window that looks out onto the town. Marcus and Jay look through the wardrobe while Charlie and I look around the room for this so-called pearl necklace.

“Bailey, there’s nothing in this room,” Jay says as he stands up.

“There are a couple more rooms on this floor, then we go to the next floor down. There are only three floors to this mansion,” I reply.

We walk to the next room, a bathroom, where we find nothing but a dusty mirror and toiletries. As we walk into the room after it, my eyes land on the pearl necklace.

The necklace sits on a pedestal in the center of the room and shines brilliantly despite the fading light that comes from the open window.

“Do any of you feel like this is a trap?” I ask cautiously.

“Yes but what choice do we have Bailey? We only have thirty minutes left,” Charlie whispers in response.

I look around as my friends and I step into the room, taking note of the candles that seem to be losing their flames and the sun that seems to be setting all too quickly. I lift my hand and gingerly take hold of the necklace.

Charlie whimpers softly beside me, gripping my hand harder.

“Can we go home now?” he asks so quietly I almost don’t hear him.

“We’re leaving as soon as we bring this back to the armory. Everything’s going to be okay,” I say, looking at him with a smile.

We leave the room and go back down to the armory. A tall, thin man stands in front of the double doors leading into it.

“I see you found my necklace and were able to return it to me safely,” the man says cooly. “It’s refreshing to see four brave, young men like you complete such a task.”

“Thank you for not kicking us out earlier,” I reply, handing the necklace back to him.

“Consider it a Halloween freebie. But if I ever see any of you on my property again, you will all suffer a worse fate far worse than merely fetching a necklace.”

“Of course sir. Thank you again.”

Marcus and Jay then immediately run out of the house.

“Do you want to spend the night at my place? We can watch a couple of movies, give candy to some kids,” I ask Charlie.

“That would be nice. I don’t think I going to be able to sleep tonight,” he replies.

“Then we’ll stay up and talk. Maybe Marcus and Jay can join us and we’ll share some horror stories for the spooky season.”