Merry Birthday!


Madie Fujimoto, Editor

According to Time magazine, December is one of the least common months for babies to be born. At Pres, a total of 50 girls were born in this busy month filled with holiday cheer. December is a very busy month with multiple holidays such as Christmas, Saint Nicholas Day, Hanukkah, Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, Omisoka, Yule, Saturnalia and many others.

Pres girls who have their birthday during the holiday season spend it in a range of activities varying from going out on day trips to taking finals. Overall, the majority of students spend the day with their family and friends.

However, some students find trouble in trying to plan their birthday celebrations during this busy month. Freshman Amelia Abisia says, “I can never have parties on my birthday or the weekend after since by then most of my friends have already left town for winter break.”

As a solution, multiple students in a poll stated that they celebrate their birthdays during the beginning of December or after break in January.

One oft-cited annoyance of birthdays during the holiday season is receiving combination birthday-holiday gifts, one gift for both celebrations. Some girls argue that the combination gifts can take out the uniqueness of their special day; however, others love them.

Many Pres girls agreed that although it bothered them when they were younger, now they don’t mind as much. “[It] used to really bother me when I was a little kid because I thought it was so unfair that all my other friends got presents on both their birthdays and Christmas,” junior Laura Powers says, “but now, it doesn’t really bother me because I’m just happy to spend time with my family and friends on both days.”

Nevertheless, some students just do not care about combination birthday-holiday gifts. “There is always the joy to have more gifts, but that is not the point of birthdays, it is a time to spend with your friends and family to celebrate your life that God has given you!” says freshman Brooke Scheig. Junior Sofia Basilio also says, “I don’t care [about combination gifts], I just want people to eat with me.”

The majority of the Pres December babies expressed that if given the chance they would not change the timing of their their birthday. Freshman Mairead Polverino says, “I would not change my birthday only because it seems that when your birthday is in December or [during] a holiday, everyone is already happy and it just makes it more fun to celebrate.”

Although their birthdays were in the midst of the holiday madness, most Pres girls were pleased with their birthday. Have a wonderful birthday and holiday break Panthers!