It’s Raining Concert Tickets, Hallelujah


Catherine Bowman, Managing Editor

Coldplay, Shawn Mendes, movie theaters. What do these things have in common? Senior Shruti Pai has won tickets to all of them. How does she do it? And how can we jump on this free ticket bandwagon?

In September 2016, Pai attended Coldplay’s concert during their A Head Full of Dreams Tour. “I was just so mind blown by it that I thought, ‘okay I have to go again,’ she said of the band, her second favorite after Taylor Swift. “Then about a month later they announced that they extended the tour another year and they would be coming back to Levi Stadium in October 2017, this October. I couldn’t not go so I decided I would try to win tickets before I bought tickets.”

Pai called in and the rest, as they say, is history. Pai won two pairs of tickets to the extended A Head Full of Dreams Tour, one of which she gave to a friend and the other she used for herself. Following her victory, Pai then won tickets to the private One Night with Shawn Mendes concert as well as a pair of movie tickets from a text-in contest.

But what’s her secret? Pai explains that the magic comes from a pin with the word “Love” on it in purple letters. The button is a part of the Love Button Global Movement, a movement dedicated to facilitating everyday acts of kindness, positivity, and human rights, among other things.

Pai says she began wearing the button after receiving it at the A Head Full of Dreams concert. “So I started wearing [the button] because one, I agree with the movement and two, I always wear little things for good luck during finals,” she said. “So on the first day of finals first semester junior year I wore it for good luck and within 10 minutes of putting it on I won the Coldplay tickets on the radio, so I kind of decided it would be my good luck charm and since then I’ve been winning concert tickets.”

So perhaps the solution is to get a Love Button of our own? But Pai’s other suggestion might be a little more helpful for those of us without a special magic charm. “Add the numbers to your contacts and then know when they’re about to do it. And call super super fast and don’t give up until they pick up and tell you to give up,” said Pai.

Pai is hoping to continue her winning streak by receiving tickets to OneRepublic and The Script, her third and fourth favorite bands, “I’d love to win concert tickets to One Republic because I haven’t seen them yet and to The Script. I’ve seen them once but I didn’t win those tickets and it would be really cool if I could win to see them again.”

No matter who your favorite band is or which concerts you’re hoping to have a chance to see in the future, free concert tickets are almost always a positive thing. So next time you’re dying to go see a concert, take a page from Pai’s book and try your hand at winning some tickets of your own.