Hurricanes Hit Home

Pres Girls Affected by Natural Disasters


Is the apocalypse here? It certainly seems like it with the recent inundation of storms and earthquakes that have been happening around the world. A few of these storms have hit fairly close to the Pres community, especially Hurricane Irma in Florida and the earthquakes which affected parts of Mexico and Mexico City.

With families of Pres girls living all of the world, the Pres community has  felt the disasters in a particularly poignant way. Sophomore Sofia Funk has cousins living in Mexico City. “My cousin and her husband, their apartment was actually damaged pretty badly by the disaster, but luckily they’re still alive. They’re okay,” she says.

Senior Marina Johnson had similar sentiments to share about Hurricane Irma in Florida, “[One of my friends] did not evacuate, and thankfully their neighborhood did not suffer the worst of the hurricane. There was roof damage from the strong winds, but not a lot of flooding. My own family still owns a house in that neighborhood, and we are hoping it’s alright.”

In the past few weeks, Hurricane Irma swept through Florida, destroying almost everything in its path. People were left homeless, animals were left stranded, and houses and businesses were destroyed.

Luckily, the families and friends of the Pres girls interviewed were not hurt too badly by the disaster. “[My Uncle’s] house got about a foot of water because they live really close to the shore. They went to higher ground and stayed with some other family over there,” said senior Allyson Hineman.

In addition to the various hurricanes, a couple earthquakes hit Mexico and Mexico City in recent weeks. “My mom’s cousin was walking down a building’s stairs [when the earthquake hit] and it was shaking and she got scrapes all over her body,” said freshman Mayra Lopez.

Lopez has family in both Mexico and Florida. Her mom’s uncle did not evacuate from his Florida home, but did board up the windows against the impending hurricane.

Many people lost their jobs following the catastrophic earthquake as many businesses and other buildings were destroyed. Funk’s cousin was one of the few who was still left with a job following the earthquake, “Luckily she still has a job, she’s working for the Bank of Mexico. But I know a lot of her friends and stuff don’t have a job anymore because the places where they go to work are destroyed. She was lucky though,” said Funk.

Funk, like many, had an emotional experience when she found out about the earthquake so close to where her family lives, “It was really scary. I actually heard when I got home from school, my mom was talking to my grandma on the phone. She said ‘It’s your grandmother, she’s just been in a really bad earthquake in Mexico and they don’t know if your cousins are okay or not.’ So I was really scared, I was really freaked out.”

Pres has been working hard to help the people affected by these disasters. PAWS, a club which focuses on helping animals in need, hosted a bake sale to raise money for the animals and pets who were displaced following the hurricane.

Community Involvement also hosted a fundraiser to raise money for the victims of these natural disasters. CI asked Pres girls to bring in at least $5 in exchange for a free dress pass. All donations  went to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma to help with relief efforts.

Although it seems like the apocalypse is near (or is currently happening), the Pres community as well as the worldwide community must rally together to support the victims of these natural disasters, and make sure to prepare ourselves for future disasters.