Black & White: Going with Dates v. Friends


Shruti Pai, Writer

The Black & White Charity Ball is one of the most anticipated events of the school year. Students are allowed to let go of stress from homework, testing, and extracurriculars and spend the night with good food and great music.

A lot of factors go into making it a night to remember and a lot of decisions have to be made leading up to the event, such as where to meet, what to wear and most importantly, who to go with.

Who you go with to Black & White can completely determine whether or not you will have a good time. Going with a date and going with friends both have their own perks, so is it better to dance the night away with your gal pals or spend it with a special someone?

A few years ago, going to Black & White with a date was the norm for all students, and practically no one showed up without someone on their arm. “I went stag with another one of my friends during our junior year, and I’m pretty sure we were the only two girls who didn’t have dates,” says Ria Parab, class of 2014. “It felt a little awkward because we didn’t want to third wheel our other friends who did bring dates, and there just weren’t as many single people there compared to other dances.”

Black & White can be a really fun night with a date. You get to dress up, slow dance and spend quality time with a special someone that you can never get during a normal school week. Many Pres girls go to the ball with a date at some point and have an amazing time.

One common misconception about going with a date is that it will be awkward and not as fun, but going with a date can be just like going with a really good friend. You can still dance and hang out with other friends and groups. “Since my date was a good friend of mine, it wasn’t uncomfortable or awkward. We had a lot of fun dancing and taking pictures with my other friends,” says Sophomore Ruchira Rao.

However, times have changed, and now the majority of Pres girls seem to agree that partying with their friends is always a better way to go. Going with friends makes Black & White a stress free occasion with no unrealistic expectations or difficulty.

When you’re with a date it’s easy to become preoccupied with making sure they’re having a good time and not focus on yourself. You can also tend to feel obligated to only hang out with that date, and end up missing out on fun with other people. “Having a date was kind of a hassle, so sophomore year there was less pressure and it was more fun to go with friends,” says Junior Lauren Burchinal.

It’s also important to remember that going with a date is not your only option; plenty of people now go solo. Sophomore Natasha Aji says she decided to go with a date only because the majority of her friends were, and she didn’t want to be the only one going alone. However, spending the whole night with a single date instead of all her friends proved to be not as fun as she had hoped. “Since I didn’t have that much fun last year, I won’t be going with a date this year,” she says.

Black & White has come a long way from being the traditional school formal, and dancing with your best friends is just as normal as going with a date. Whether you’re with a date, group or just by yourself, Black & White is sure to be an incredible experience that you won’t want to miss.