Netflix Psychoanalysis: Mrs. Lemon


Bacosa Photography


You know her as the lovable librarian, the book lady and database wizard. However, there is a side of Mrs. Lemon, the school librarian, that you probably weren’t aware of and that is that she is, hands down, a genius British real estate mogul. Confused? Well, let’s look at the facts.

It should first be noted that Mrs. Lemon joins the tens of people who still have yet to get a Netflix account. So instead of analyzing her instant queue, we are going to delve into her list of “must watch” television shows.

The first on her list is the dangerously dramatic period piece, Downton Abbey. This British series focuses on the Crawley family as they scramble to find a male heir to take over the Downton estate. With the phrase “OH MY GOD” being the first words to spill out of her mouth when asked to describe the show, there is no doubt that Lemon is definitely down for Downton. Could this obsession of hers mean that she is a born again Brit? Of course–no question. Just imagine her, sipping a hot cup of Earl Gray tea and reading some Charlotte Brontë, while simultaneously reminiscing about life across the pond. It’s almost like something out of a book; a book which she can probably search, find, and checkout for you because she is an awesome librarian.

The next show on her list is a little known comedy called The Big Bang Theory. This show focuses on the lives of five different CalTech physicists and one engineer as they try to make it day to day in normal society. So obviously, her watching this basically makes her a genius. She probably has her own PhD in Theoretical Physics that she is just waiting to whip out. This is most likely why she is a whiz at helping us find all those resources for CRPs. Watch out, Maya Varma, there’s another genius in town and her name is Katy Lemon.

The final show on Lemon’s list is Property Brothers– a show in which twin brothers Jonathan and Scott convince hopeful homeowners to take a risk and buy fixer upper homes which they then proceed to flip into a dream home. What does this say about Lemon? Clearly it proves that she is an expert house flipper and that she has quite the knack for real estate hacks. She probably spends all the time she’s not reading Charlotte Brontë strolling down neighborhoods looking for the perfect house to buy and beautify for some lucky couple. So if there is one thing you need to remember about Mrs. Lemon, it is that she is absolutely, undoubtedly, 100%, a librarian by day and an extremely successful real estate mogul by night.

So there you have it! One completely accurate psychoanalysis of the wonderful librarian who is Mrs. Lemon. And although finally learning this completely random, and definitely accurate, fact that she is a genius Brit with a passion for fashionable homes, it does nothing but make us love her even more. Never change Lemon, never change. Except maybe get a Netflix account– it’s time.