Dear Nano


Dear Nano,

As a Pres girl, nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit quite like studying for finals, but this year it feels like something’s missing.  My twenty-page study guides just don’t seem to be getting me in the mood for the holidays and I’m not sure what to do!

-Frantic Franny


Dear Franny,

A 20-page study guide isn’t getting you in the mood for the birth of our Lord? Nano is shocked.

Luckily for you, I think I have just the solution.  When I felt something was missing from my life, I followed my calling and opened some super secret schools for girls which left me feeling very emotionally fulfilled. Now I’m not suggesting you run off to urban Ireland to do the same thing, but I am bringing up the possibility of giving of yourself this holiday season. This time of year is perfect for volunteering your time– whether it be as a tutor or as a server in a soup kitchen. I’m sure CI has some great options available this month.

Hope this helps,





Dear Nano,

Even as my first semester as a senior comes to a close and we get ready to go on vacation(!!), I can’t help worrying about every college-related thing I have yet to complete. My last few applications are due in January, but how can I focus on writing those essays when the smell of gingerbread keeps wafting out of the kitchen??

-Glinda the Grinch


Dear Glinda,

Nothing beats the winter blues like holiday themed desserts, but remember that college comes before candy-canes! Think of it this way: You get presents every year, but applying to colleges is a once in a lifetime experience. Get those applications finished and then check under the tree for gifts. If that doesn’t work, just remember that the poor Irish girls I teach would love to have educational opportunities like yours–so stop complaining, Glinda, and get to work!

Lots of love,





Dear Nano,

I’m not proud of it, but lately I’ve been way too busy to think about presents for my friends. I want to do something really nice for them, but between homework and clubs and–oh yeah!–trying to get to sleep every night, it just doesn’t look like I’ll have enough time to buy something special for everyone this year. What should I do, Nano?

-Hassled Holly


Dear Holly,

Don’t sweat it! They’ll get it! You’re pressed for time. Just know that even something small would mean a lot coming from you. After all, it’s the thought that counts. If gift-giving is a big tradition for you, though, remember that you can always exchange gifts with your friends after the holidays. Presents are fun no matter the day. And personally, I’ve never minded getting a gift card.

Affectionately yours,