Alexa’s Last Minute Costumes

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Alexa’s Last Minute Costumes

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Let’s be honest–coming up with a Halloween costume is tough. Fortunately, we have fashion guru and procrastinator Alexa Westlake to guide us.

Westlake, a senior, has a lifetime of last-minute, creative designs in the world of Halloween. In this article, we will explore and rate some of Alexa’s greatest attempts at the perfect costume.


IMG_1099 (1)

1. Goblin Costume (Left)

Materials: Gauze, leftover fabric from Joanne’s, face paint, green hairspray

This outfit is the epitome of upcycling. Using fabric that would have been thrown out, Alexa was able to create a chic and effortless scare factor. The facial expression in this photograph shows her dedication to the costume.  

Rate: 7/10

IMG_1098 (2)
2. Singular Die

Materials: White foam board, black construction paper and hot glue

This halloween costume may have worked better if Alexa had any friends to make it dice. This costume really accentuates her curves. She does not show enough dedication to the look as you can see a soccer jersey under the costume. While it is creative, the execution is poor and the costume is just too simple.

Rate: 4/10

IMG_1100 (1)
3. 1 Blind Mouse

Materials: sunglasses and mouse ears

You may not understand this costume because, once again, due to Alexa’s lack of friends, the costume lacks logic. It would have worked better if there were two other blind mice. Additionally, due to her attempt to achieve the “too cool for Halloween” preteen attitude, she lacks the pizazz that many of her other costumes offer.

Rate: 1/10

IMG_1102 (1)
4. Peacock

Materials: tutu, cardboard and feather plumage, mask, blue leotard

This costume is absolutely incredible. You can really see the effort that was put into this costume. The multiple shades of blue really bring out her eyes. The only criticism I have is that she needs more peacock feathers

Rate: 9/10

IMG_1103 (1)
5. Elegant Jellyfish

Materials: Umbrella, purple satin fabric, hair gel, purple eyeshadow, purple lace dress from Goodwill

Simply the radius of this costume is extravagant. The effort put into this costume is shown through Alexa’s dedication to the color purple. Even her eyeshadow is in sync. The satin fabric gives the costume a ballroom feel and upstages all the other costumes in the photo.

Honorable Mention: Monica Vallecilla ‘15 as Michael Jackson

Rate: 11/10

Now that we have seen some of Alexa’s designs, it’s your turn to create a spooktacular costume. Good luck and happy Halloween!