Pres Goes International


Every year, Presentation High School offers a variety of summer trips to all around the globe. For summer of 2015, Pres offered six trips to countries from South America to Europe. Here’s a recap on what each trip had to offer.


England- Literary Tour

This trip was an immersion into all things British. Twenty-five Pres girls spent a fortnight (that’s two weeks for those of you who aren’t fluent in British slang) exploring various parts of the United Kingdom including York, Oxford, London, and Scotland. The girls also delved into the literary side of the trip to visit Shakespeare’s birthplace and the Globe Theatre.  “I loved seeing and experiencing a new, different way of life,” said junior Natalie Olsen. “The trip was one I’ll remember forever.” Sounds like it was a jolly good time!


Spain- Spanish Immersion

¡Bienvenido a España! The Spain trip was a 16-day immersion into the Spanish culture. Twenty-one Pres girls traveled to Salamanca, Spain where they had the opportunity to live with host families, attend immersion classes, and experience local culture. The girl also took weekend excursions to Madrid, Avila, and Segovia.
Favorite memories from the trip include taking cooking and dance classes and visiting the Salamanca Cathedral. Senior Julia Offut “My favorite a part was when
we went to Reigna Sofia, a museum in Madrid, and John Green and Nat Wolff were there.”


Switzerland, Netherlands, France- Global Leadership Summit

Presentation girls are fearless leaders all around the world. On this trip, Pres girls attended the Global Youth Leadership Summit in Davos, Switzerland where they met and worked with international students. Beyond the conference, the girls visited political and cultural sights centered around the theme “Education as a Human Right.” This included the UNESCO headquarters in Paris and the Hague Peace Palace in Amsterdam. But the trip wasn’t all work and no play. The students also visited the Eiffel Tower, strolled down Champs-Élysées and rode canal bikes where the girls got to live out their The Fault in Our Stars daydreams.


Galapagos Islands- Science Field Study

Turtles, and flamingos, and iguanas! Oh my! The Galapagos Islands trip was a true scientific adventure. Twelve Pres girls had the chance to travel to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands where they learned about the unique species that call this area home. They saw first-hand the tortoises that Charles Darwin wrote about in his Theory of Evolution. The students also explored mainland Ecuador and other nearby islands. “I loved Santa Cruz island because I loved studying the giant tortoises, but the snorkeling at Floreana was amazing,” said science teacher Suzanne Colvin. “There’s so much more there to explore. I want to go back.”


France- French Exchange

Bonjour et bienvenue! Eight of Presentation’s French students traveled to France this summer for a full cultural immersion.  The girls each stayed with families of students of the College St. Charles in Pignan, France. They attended classes with them and traveled around beautiful southern France. This trip was a part of a cultural exchange program between Presentation and College St. Charles in which a group of French students also come visit America in the spring.


Nicaragua- Service Immersion

The Nicaragua Service trip is truly a life-changing experience. Every year, a group of Pres girls travel to Nicaragua where they live with the local community. They work closely with Sister Rachel, a Presentation Sister who lives in Nicaragua and works to further education opportunities for the local community of Somotillo. The girls also get to experience first-hand the effects of the money Presentation High School raises during Mission Drive and the important impact it has the on community.