Mercy in Plaid: How to Show Mercy to Others While Maintaining Your Busy Schedule


If Principal Mary Miller’s speech at our opening liturgy didn’t pump you up for this year’s masses, then I’m not sure what will. Miller explained that our liturgical theme for the year is “Merciful like the Father/Mother,” in accordance with the greater Church’s call for a “Year of Mercy.”

This theme calls us to ask ourselves how we as Pres girls may live out this call throughout the year. Below are some ideas that might encourage you to think deeply about what it might mean to practice mercy.

One of the most obvious ways, and arguably most important ways we can be merciful is in our relationships. Whether it be a boyfriend, girlfriend, sibling, parent, or friend, nobody is perfect and they will let us down at one point or another. It is easy to head towards a breakup, a falling out, or distance when we are hurt or disappointed. Try instead to be forgiving. Unless there is cheating happening. In that case give em’ a “bye felicia.”

We could also all be more merciful at lunch. Upperclassmen, this might mean forgiving when the freshmen take your “spot” of three years. Underclassmen, being merciful might be forgiving the upperclassmen when they cut the lunch line in ruthless packs of 12.

Everyone knows that the most dangerous places on Earth are stores on Black Friday and the Presentation parking lot at 7:30 a.m. Whether someone’s parent or a driver in plaid is ignoring the laws of traffic (or the laws of driving like, oh I don’t know, a decent human being?), it is still our duty to be patient and merciful.

If there’s one thing that ticks-off a Pres student, it’s not knowing her current GPA. Thus, when teachers take longer than what we, as A-seeking piranhas, consider a reasonable amount of time to upload grades, we could almost 100% of the time respond with mercy. Perhaps instead of sending a nasty email, or ranting to everyone in English, we could replace this negative energy with compassion, and consider that our teachers too, are human.

Lastly, if there’s one person many Pres girls owe more mercy to, its ourselves. We are so susceptible to getting hung up on our imperfections at school. What they say is true–it’s nearly impossible to love (and forgive) others well when don’t love (and forgive) ourselves for our own bumps and bruises. Grant yourself a little grace, strive for attainable goals, and show yourself some mercy this year when you don’t always meet your likely unattainable image of perfection.