Workout Glen

If you are a member of the Willow Glen community, or frequent Lincoln Avenue, you have probably noticed the variety of new workout studios that seem to multiply overnight. Whether you are striving for that bikini body or just looking to lead a healthier life, there is sure to be a suitable fit downtown for you.

Fair warning though–getting in shape in Willow Glen is not cheap. Here is a guide of a few great workout places ranging from $15-$20 per drop in class.


1395 Lincoln Avenue

Niche: Feminine Ballet Power

My first impression of Barre3 was how impeccably clean everything looked. Despite the fact that the workout had me sweating, there was no odor but lilacs to be found in the entire building. The architecture and lighting was calming and the removal of shoes only added to the ambiance.

Barre3 is clearly marketed toward mothers with many exercises to help bounce back in shape after pregnancy; they even have childcare available. My classes were majority middle aged women, but there were always other teenagers there as well. The studio has no shortage of mirrors, which was a great help in regards to correcting my form.

Traditionally, I exercise by running or spinning and moving as much as possible. However, at Barre3 I experienced more work in muscles that I didn’t even know existed through the smallest movements, which proved to be killer. If it weren’t for the encouraging music, instructors, and constant draft, I probably would have given up in a frustrated fit.

Barre3 means it when they say it is a full body workout. A crossover between pilates and ballet, my muscles were shaking 15 minutes into the workout. Yet at the same time, it was oddly soothing. They offer a wide variety of modified versions of the workout and care about your comfort. Afterward, my heavy limbs felt surprisingly great and I was satisfyingly sore the next day.

Morning Crane

1314 Lincoln Ave

Niche: Eastern Influences

Never having done a TRX class outside of the comfort of my own home, I did not know what to expect from Morning Crane. Morning Crane has a clear zen vibe and is run as a family business. The people in my class were well versed in the workouts of Morning Crane and were extremely friendly to a beginner like me. There was a wide variety in types of people and the instructor catered to everyone’s individual needs.

In terms of the workout, bring water and be prepared to sweat. TRX would be the result if dancing, kickboxing, and yoga had a lovechild. It was one of the most satisfying workouts I had ever experienced. The instructor was funny and his humor often distracted me from the burning in my muscles. I slept very well that night.

Morning Crane was great not only because of the workouts, but they also have a meditation and mind healing element that was refreshing. I left feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of my day. Though my muscles were exhausted, my mind had never felt so at ease. The best part of Morning Crane was when I woke up the next morning. It was almost like my body had been realigned. I wasn’t sore, in fact, I felt fantastic and could easily go back to working out without a slow warm up.

Orangetheory Fitness

1331 Lincoln Ave

Niche: Bikes, Boats, and Blaring Atmosphere

Stepping into Orangetheory Fitness, I immediately felt a high energy atmosphere. The blaring music had me swinging from side to side and instead of soothing voices, the instructors were pushing everyone hard. The facility was much brighter colored and aggressive. This was a similar workout that I was used to: get on a bike and push yourself as hard as you can.

Unlike other spin classes, though, Orangetheory was much more motivational. The loud music and instructors coupled with the competitive group I was working out with pushed me to cycle harder than I ever have. Orangetheory Fitness also offers a rowing machine that is utilized in select classes. If you’re looking to sculpt those arms, this is the place for you. Rowing is the most underrated exercise out there and I now aim to implement it in as many workouts as I can. There is great technology so that you can constantly monitor how many calories you’ve burned and how high your heart rate is. As soon as I stepped off the bike or rowing machine, I was sore and wanted to nap. I felt very satisfied after this workout.

The Dailey Method

1202 Lincoln Ave

The Dailey Method had an upbeat attitude without being too aggressive. They offered a combination of spin and barre and consummately combined multiple types of workouts. The staff is upbeat and ready to help you with anything. However, as soon as the class started, the spin instructor did not hesitate to amp up the intensity. This spin class kicked my butt, into shape that is. If you want toned abs and glutes, this is the gym for you. I could feel the muscles being whipped into shape even after one class.Niche: Community and Brand New Facility

After the class, there was a noticeable change in pace in the atmosphere and the class was welcomed to enjoy some fresh fruit. The berries after hard work were satisfying. The other people in my class seemed much more friendly than some of the other gyms and The Dailey Method had a clear sense of community.

Another important thing to note about The Dailey Method is their upcoming new facility. This brand new interior is sure to inspire you to keep returning to workout. One of the other customers told me that at The Dailey Method she never dreaded fitness anymore and looked forward to class at the new facility.