Dear Nano…HELP!


Cristina Caltagirone, Reporter

Q: Dear Nano,

Valentine’s Day was a while ago and now everyone on Facebook is posting their prom dresses and planning promposals. And here I am watching Netflix, waiting for a hot boy to knock on my door! Nano, I need a prom date. FAST!

-Desperate Hairy Legs

I have heard many stories about St. Valentine. Sounded like a great guy! Other than a wonderful saint he is, I really don’t know what you are talking about, especially a book of faces and a net of hand flicks. So, Desperate Hairy Legs, if you want an attractive male partner, I say go on a date with God. He’s always available and will make time for YOU.

Q: Dear Nano,

Winter Break was a couple weeks ago and I’m counting down the days ‘till our next vacation! And guess what?! Only 6 more A days until Easter Break! But how am I supposed to focus on school when I can only count days left of school?


You should be grateful to go to a school with vacations! Maybe instead of counting school days you can count down the excitement to Jesus’ resurrection! I am a die hard fan of school but I understand not everyone likes to be educated. So try counting the number of B days left until break!

Q: Dear Nano,
I want to dye my hair a different color for the spring, but I am not sure how it is going to turn out! Should I go for it and take the risk?

-Potential Trend Setter

Ah don’t you know God’s Ten Commandments say “do not kill?” I have no doubt this is by far the easiest question I’ve every had to answer. heavens NO! I have noticed the hairless trend is very popular in your generation. I am not sure why women would choose to get rid of their own luscious lengths and how that could be in style in this century. For the love of Nano, just let your hair be!

Q: Dear Nano,
Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed a few changes in my behavior. I start to get aggravated and stressed out very often. Do you have any tips on how to relieve my stress?

-Aggressive food eater

Oh dear, only you know what relaxes and calms you down in those heated arguments. What has helped me over the years is to find time for myself. Pick up a hobby, treat yourself to some sweets, just find something that you like and stick with it. I personally feel that lighting candles or a lantern can set the right tone at the end of your day, which may help relieve some of your stress. Just do not burn your shelter down!