Tampon Run

A run to the store has become a sprint that not even Mother Nature can hold women back from


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Do these feminine products displayed so prominently out of the bathroom make you uncomfortable? They are just combinations of plastic and fibers, yet they come with a strong social taboo. Tampon Run aims to change that.

Alexa Westlake, Editor

Flappy bird, Temple Run, Whale Trail, and Candy Crush. Admit it. Apps like these are totally pointless and waste our time. Yet we can’t seem to stop playing. The newest soon-to-be chart topper is not as conventional as before, and incorporates an age-old unorthodox taboo: a woman’s period.

Tampon Run is not what the name suggests. Rather than a late night scramble for feminine products, this is a game where you assist a female character, Luna, to collect boxes of tampons and throw them at opposing boys. While the graphics are simple, this game is engaging and quite fun to play.

In addition to being entertaining, the girls are also aiming to combat the stigma of menstruation, a perfectly natural part of being a girl. By throwing tampons at the boys, you are “enlightening” your enemies. Tampons and periods have been for many years considered a subject that boys would both cringe and snicker at the mere mention. If you have ever been humiliated because of your period, you are not alone.

From puberty until menopause, girls have to live with their period, and it is humiliating that men constantly cringe at the idea of a natural process that women cannot control. This app aims to end all that.

Unlike the creators of many well-known apps, Andrea Gonzalez and Sophia Houser were just two high school girls from New York before they went to a Girls Who Code summer camp and learned some skills to turn their new game, Tampon Run, into a reality both on the App Store and online.

These addictive games make creators millions. Candy Crush? The creator makes $230 million a year, according to Slate.com. Games that may seem like they have the simplest premise also have the most lucrative profits. So why not create a game about tampon weapons?

Tampon Run does much more than any mindless game could do. It is made by empowered females to empower females. Embrace your period and embrace your inner feminist. If girls don’t start breaking the social norms that periods are referred to as some mythical event that happens behind closed doors and that unicorns and dragons outnumber women who code, then women will be bound to these standards forever. Who knew the quickest way out of the kitchen and to the workplace was through the bathroom?