Pres Parking Problems

Isabel Ibarra

Isabel Ibarra, Community Editor

Your morning starts off with getting in your car and leaving for school. The level of anxiety about finding a parking spot depends on what time you expect to arrive. You pull into the Presentation parking lot, and now it’s the moment of truth. Will you find a good parking spot? Or will you be forced to park on the streets?

This is the daily life for a typical Pres student driver. The second any Pres girl pulls into the parking lot, she may face a variety of problems, whether they are caused by parents, fellow students or the neighbors of Presentation.

There is no doubt that you will have encounters with Pres drivers who are inexperienced and perhaps not great drivers. Many Pres girls have found spots, only to realize that the girl in the next spot over parked terribly, and so they cannot fit. Senior Sophie Deen claimed that some student drivers just aren’t the best parkers. “Sometimes people park really close to the lines so it’s hard to get out of your car,” she said.

Other students have, in fact, had their cars scratched or bumped into by Pres drivers. Senior Monica Valencia had a recent experience hitting another student’s car. “I accidentally hit Milan Brahney’s car in the parking lot as I was pulling in to park. Fortunately there was not any bad damage and both our cars are okay,” she said.

Pres drivers are constantly complaining about how they try to pull out of their spots or pull into their spots, and they find parents in the way as they wait for their own children. Parents, even though they are supposed to be the better drivers, bring along their own problems to the scene.

Senior Petra Rubic had an interesting experience with a Pres parent last year. She doesn’t drive, but when she came in last year for a morning swim practice, a dad pulled out and hit her mom’s car. “One guy was backing up from the parking spot and he hit our car. He didn’t even see until he hit us,” Rubic said. They had to exchange insurance to fix the damage.

For those who don’t come early enough to find a parking spot in the lot, they have to head to the streets. Luckily, Pres is in a residential neighborhood. But unluckily, that comes with its own problems.

Getting a good spot on the streets can be like an obstacle course for many Pres girls. Senior Shelden Maionchi said, “Sometimes I feel like they purposely put out trash cans or piles of leaves in the streets.”

While many student drivers complain about the neighbors causing them trouble, senior Kimberly Lozano tries not to cause the neighbors any trouble. “Honestly, sometimes I feel as if I’m bothering the neighbors and invading their space by parking in front of their house. I don’t want them to be angry at me and angry at our school, so I try really hard not to cause any trouble,” Lozano said.

Every day comes with its own challenge for any Pres girl, but the Pres driver gets an additional pile of issues to deal with on a daily basis. Sophomores and Juniors might want to pay a little extra attention in driver’s ed, because in some ways, the parking lot at Pres can be just like a classroom right before a major test – busy, frantic and crazy.