If you were Santa, what present would you give to kids who were naughty?

Cristina Caltagirone, reporter

Karina Dandia

Photo by Cristina Caltagirone
Karina Dandia

Fireplace gifPhoto by giphy.com

“I’d grab some ashes from my fireplace and stuff it in their stockings. Haha.”

Karina Dandia, Junior

Erica Garcia

Photo by Cristina Caltagirone
Erica Garcia

dead iphone

photo by: Creative Commons

“I would give them an iPad without a charger. Then I’d watch them use up their battery and laugh.”

Erica Garcia, Senior

Mr. Tognetti and Mr. Brumbaugh

Photo by Cristina Caltagirone
Mr. Tognetti and Mr. Brumbaugh

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iPad2Photo by giphy.com

“A chalkboard slate. Or a broken iPad!”

Mr. Tognetti, Educational Technologist, and Mr. Brumbaugh, Director


nothingPhoto by giphy.com

“I would not give them anything.”

Isabel Wu, Sophomore

Furtado and Kevin

Mrs. Furtado and Kevin Saldivar

Photo by Cristina Caltagirone

potato1Photo by giphy.com

“One year for Christmas, my grandmother gave my mom a potato in her stocking. I don’t know why!”

Ms. Furtado, Attendance Secretary

rossPhoto by giphy.com

“I would give them an educational gift so they hate it. Like an SAT prep book.”

Kevin Saldivar, Assistant Athletic Director