The Struggles & Perks of Being a Christmas Baby

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The Struggles & Perks of Being a Christmas Baby

Elizabeth Reinhardt, Reporter

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Everyone likes to feel special on their birthdays, as birthdays are the only acceptable day when you are the center of attention. But what if you had to share your special day with Jesus? Now the day is no longer about you, but instead about making sure that the family’s not late to mass, or that Aunt Betty doesn’t have one too many.

Of course there are obvious downsides to having the same birthday as the man upstairs. “By the time my birthday rolls around everyone is burnt out from celebrating.” says senior Scarlett Puentes, whose birthday falls on the 27th. During the holidays, everyone is worried about travel plans, Christmas dinner, and Mass, so there’s probably not much time to include birthdays as well. As Puentes states, “Most people double dip my Christmas [and] birthday present.”

Not only do these poor souls suffer from a lack of presents, but many Christmas babies also find difficulty with celebrating their special day in general. “The most annoying thing is that I can never really celebrate my birthday with my friends on the actual day,” says junior Angie-Karina Muñoz, whose birthday is on December 26. “Everyone is too exhausted from Christmas and are trying to spend the holiday season with their families.”

But perhaps these annoyances are the least of their worries. Although many of these girls do get overshadowed by Christmas, they are still able to somewhat have their own special days, as luckily none of their birthdays fall on Christmas.  However, for students like junior Kirsten Wigant, whose birthday actually falls on the holiday, trying to fully enjoy their birthdays can be a bit of a struggle.

“Having it fall on the same day can get really frustrating. For instance, nothing is open on my birthday, so if I want to do something special, I can’t,” says Wigant. “Also, I always have to get up and go to early morning mass.  Don’t get me wrong, I like going to mass, but it’s my birthday and sometimes I just want to be able to sleep in.”

However, there are also some upsides to being in the shadows. By having a birthday around Christmas, these girls always have the day off and don’t have to deal with the regular stress that comes with being in school. With a birthday on the 21st, senior Nithya Kiron is able to truly enjoy her birthday without the stress of projects and homework. “I really don’t mind that my birthday is in the holiday time,” says Kiron, “because the  holiday season is when I’m most relaxed. I usually don’t have school and can just chill out.”

But whether your birthday is the day of Christmas or in the middle of July, it is still your special day to celebrate you. And despite all the obstacles that do come with having a birthday around Christmas, it is a time of celebrating family while enjoying the holiday season; and what could be better than that?