Pro Fake Christmas Trees!

Mary Rose Bernal, Community Editor


Artificiality is usually an insult, but not when describing Christmas trees.  Not only is a fake Christmas tree more convenient and effective, but also healthier for people with allergies.  Speaking from personal experience, the scent of pine trees or pinecones causes headaches and irritation in my throat due to a genetically inherited allergy.  For this reason, my family and others in similar situations have enjoyed fake Christmas trees, refusing to let health problems cause a roadblock in merriment.

On the other hand, real Christmas trees seem to constantly present obstacles in the way of holiday cheer.  From my vast experience with television shows, movies, and other media, the hassle of hunting down “the perfect tree” often sparks familial bickering, turning this opportunity for growth in relationships into a horrendous massacre with none left unscathed.

This frustrating ordeal also includes haggling prices and struggling to get the tree securely attached to the family vehicle.  If somehow the tree and the family both manage to return home alive, they are left with the anxiety of returning the following year to do it all over again.

With the fake tree however, it’s buy once and done.  The journey of retrieving the tree is diminished to a quick walk to the garage, where the tree is nicely packed away and waiting in a box.  The entire process is done indoors, away from the cruelty of the elements and the disasters that befall when tree hunting.

And because possibilities are endless with fake trees, you can easily purchase one with a dense amount of branches so that you can fit so many more of those beloved ornaments.  When risking it with Mother Nature, there’s only so many branches that can naturally grow, so decorating turns into an episode of Survivor when you have to decide which ornament gets kicked off the island instead of a happy tree where all are included.

And when it comes to the bittersweet time to put away the holiday, there’s hardly any cleanup to be done!  Much like hypoallergenic dogs, the fake Christmas tree doesn’t leave any pine needles behind, allowing you to leave that vacuum shoved away in the abyss of that one old closet of things you never actually use.

So while I would normally advise against artificiality, the Christmas tree is the obvious exception.  With all its conveniences allowing you to focus on the reason for the season, fake Christmas trees lead to real joy.