The Naragon Sisters: The Dynamic Duo


Heather Kenyon

Claire Mulcahy, Reporter

Presentation’s fall musical, Guys and Dolls, is not the only thing coming to a close this weekend. Senior Robyn and Junior Karin Naragon will take their final bow together on the Valenzuela stage.

These two began their theatre career together when Karin was in fifth grade and Robyn was in sixth. They performed in the musical “Into the Woods” at Monroe Middle School, where Karin played Sleepy, one of the seven dwarves, and Robyn played Cinderella. They both performed in a few other shows during their middle school time, such as “Annie,” “Les Miserables,” and “Mulan,” but their first Presentation show together was when Presentation’s summer theatre program, PresRep, performed the beloved musical “Grease.”

Karin and Robyn only had positive things to say about each other, which just goes to show how close they have become over the years. When asked what it was like to share a hobby, Robyn said, “It just makes us closer.”

Although sharing a hobby with a sibling can be hard, these sisters think it is actually beneficial. Because they are always around each other, they can constantly be each other’s support systems, as well as help improve their performances. Karin said, “My favorite memories are usually getting ready before shows.” She usually ends up curling Robyn’s hair and putting on her fake eyelashes as well. What is Robyn going to do without Karin?

As they have gotten older, they have been able to have more interaction on stage together. Last year in Presentation’s production of “In the Heights,” Karin played the Piragua Gal, and Robyn  played the part of the caring mother, Camila. People also might remember them from their roles in “Hairspray” at Bellarmine, where Karin played Penny Pingleton and Robyn played Velma Von Tussle.

Their favorite on stage memory was during this show, where Robyn had the amazing opportunity to hate the guts of her sister’s character. Last month at the Concert for Community, these two were lucky enough to sing a duet together as one of their last performances together. They sang the song “I Will Never Leave You” from the musical “Side Show.” Robyn said, “I was nervous but it was so nice since we probably won’t ever have the chance to do that again.” Karin agreed, saying, “I really like performing with my sister because she is just so talented and I feel honored to share the stage with her.”

Their performing doesn’t stop outside of the theater. Their favorite place to perform is in the car. Robyn said, “Since we can both sing, I always have a duet partner in the car.” Unfortunately, this dynamic duo is going to be separated next year as Robyn heads off to college. “I am going to miss my sister so much,” said Karin.