Top 10 TV Shows Netflix Needs

Claire Mulcahy, Reporter

Netflix has touched the lives of thousands of people across America. It has saved us at sleepovers, “girls night in” occasions, and on family movie night. Netflix finally came to its senses and decided to add “Gilmore Girls” on October 1, but here are the shows that Netflix is still lacking:

10. Community


This show is a hilarious comedy about the lives of adults going back to community college. The network was threatening to cancel the show, but the fans and actors were campaigning to keep the show going, and if that isn’t what you call a community then I don’t what is.

9. Awkward


How many of you have binge-watched Gossip Girl? 90210? Vampire Diaries? Most of you have probably finished all of these teen dramas and comedies available for streaming on Netflix, which is why “Awkward” must be available. It’s a hilarious teen comedy about self identity and growing up; what’s not to love?

8. The Big Bang Theory


The Big Bang Theory is currently on its eighth season and looks like it has been signed for at least two more. If you were able to watch these lovable dorks from the beginning, you would still have more to watch once you finished the seasons on Netflix.

7. Sex and the City


Having never actually seen “Sex and the City,” I say that’s what makes it an absolute must for Netflix. SATC is iconic, but if generations are beginning to forget it, it will disappear into nothing.

6. Downton Abbey


You wouldn’t think that this period drama had many Pres fans, but let me assure you, it does. Maggie Smith, A.K.A. Professor McGonagall, shines as the Dowager Countess of Grantham, and her performance alone is why it should be on Netflix.

5. The Mindy Project


What is better than a hilarious, heartfelt comedy that is actually relevant to our generation? This show is about the life of Mindy Lahiri, who is played by the fabulous Mindy Kaling. This show is an easy-on easy-off kind of show that will have you laughing like crazy.

4. Modern Family


Everyone needs a little family craziness in their lives, whether it’s on TV or in real life. “Modern Family” has been airing for six seasons and deserves a place on Netflix streaming.

3. Full House


“Full House” was a classic childhood show from our generation. Plus when you’re stressed out from school we could always use a little bit of “Danny Tanner Advice.”

2. Boy Meets World


“Boy Meets World” follows the evolution of Corey Matthews from boy to man. Even though they play reruns on ABC Family and many other channels, there is nothing like watching this coming-of-age comedy from the wonderful beginning to the bittersweet ending.

1. Friends


This all-time favorite comedy MUST be put on Netflix. I cannot think of a reason except for that it is just necessary for all generations to watch and love these six friends.