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H What? Say Goodbye to Those Stuffy Classrooms, Ladies

Ankita Bhanot, Reporter

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It’s a new year. New classes, new teachers, and new…school? Not quite, but this
past summer, Presentation did undergo a total overhaul to its HVAC, or Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system. Facilities Manager Cary Atkinson and a group of construction workers worked from April until August on the system,
which was original to the the 1962 structure. The 50-year-old building got a new roof, an upgraded electrical system, and new ventilation that will regulate the inside air temperature more efficiently. Room 23 also got air conditioning. The project was done to save energy, while having as little impact as possible on
the environment. “The rooms are cool when it’s super hot outside. Now we don’t have to be sweating in class,” said Janet Hurtado, junior. With the new changes, Pres girls can now enjoy more comfortable rooms during their classes.

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H What? Say Goodbye to Those Stuffy Classrooms, Ladies