A New Frontier

Anjali Sinha, Reporter

Pres has some exciting additions to the campus. First off, you may have noticed a change in the doorknobs. After four years of persistence by Social Studies Department Chair Dr. Andrea Duwel, this change has been implemented to improve the safety and security of the Pres community in the event of an intruder on campus.

The new doorknobs can be locked from the inside. The old ones made teachers, or whoever was locking the door, vulnerable as they were exposed when going into the hallway to lock the door.

Duwel explained, “The whole point in preparing is to have the resources that we need. Now the idea is that anyone can lock the door without a having to get a key. Students can even lock it without a teacher, and it’s just to make us more safe in the event of an emergency.”

The other big change for Pres is that we have purchased a third house in the neighborhood. Sharing the back fence with the Advancement house on Plummer, our new house is on Minardi Avenue. According to Principal Mary Miller, the owners contacted the school, asking if Pres wanted to buy it from them. The space will be for offices, not student use, and renovations will begin pending permit approval from the City of San Jose.