Democratic Candidate Profiles


With the 2016 presidential elections coming up, you’ll want to be prepared for the primaries. Here’s a convenient list of Democratic candidates and what they stand for.


Hillary Clintonhillaryclinton_hires

Previous Government Positions: Secretary of State; Senator of NY; First Lady of the US; First Lady of Arkansas

Economic Policy: free tuition for community colleges; small business growth; boost investment in infrastructure and scientific research; raise minimum wage; make Wall Street accountable

Foreign Policy: expand global anti-terrorism cooperation; heavily improve army; never allow iran to acquire a nuclear weapon; defeat ISIS; strengthen alliances (esp. with Israel)

Social Policy: work to end campus sexual assault; #BlackLivesMatter supporter; promote police body cameras; promote the employment of the disabled; increase background checks in gun sales; easy citizenship for immigrants; combat drug epidemic; reforming the criminal justice system; largely promote women’s rights.



Lawrence Lessig

Government Position(s): none (professor of law at Harvard Law School)

Economic Policy: invest massively in infrastructure; fiscal rather than monetary policy (public spending rather than the manipulation of interest rates); simplify tax code while making it more progressive; higher tax rates for the upper class; apply same Social Security rate to all incomes

Foreign Policy: work with allies as equals; vigorously support agreement with Iran; secure safe-zones in Syria; work with Sunni and Iraq against ISIS; promote smaller number of troops in Afghanistan; work to solve problems between China and Russia; spend less money on military

Social Policy: criminal justice reform; stop NSA surveillance; protect the privacy of non-citizens; treat Snowden as a hero; network neutrality; Citizen Equality Act (equal right to vote.)



Martin O’Malley

Government Position(s): Assistant United States Attorney; Mayor of Baltimore; Gov. of MD;

Economic Policy: increase families’ median net worth; ensure all higher-education students can graduate debt free in 5 years; require banks to have separate commercial and speculative banking in 5 years; implement public finances of congressional campaigns within 5 years

Foreign Policy: collaborate with foreign powers; implement new National Security Act; promote diplomacy; improve military force

Social Policy: 100% renewable energy by 2050; cut unemployment rate among young people in half within 3 years; help immigrants get citizenship; end child hunger in US by 2020; cut deaths from gun violence in half by 2025; reduce deaths from drug overdoses by 25% by 2020



Bernie Sanders

Government Position(s): Representative of VT in House of Reps; Senator of VT

Economic Policy: tax on Wall Street speculation to make public colleges and universities tuition free; $15/hr minimum wage; modernizing physical infrastructure to create jobs; employ one million young Americans aged 16-24; substantially cut student loan interest rates

Foreign Policy: diplomacy over military action; close Guantanamo bay and abolish torture; promote fair trade; providing humanitarian relief and economic assistance; support diplomacy with Iran

Social Policy: demilitarize police forces; federally fund and require police body cameras; crack down on hate groups; eliminate wage gap between genders AND races; allow undocumented workers; open paths to citizenship for immigrants; pro-choice; protect LGBT children from being bullied at school; require employers to provide at least 10 days of paid vacation per year.