PowderPuff at Pres


Krista Blazier

Junior Olivia DiVittorio poses during the first Panther Puff practice.

Krista Blazier, Reporter

Going to an all-girls school usually comes with the implication that football will not be included in the sports programs. Accordingly, there are a lack of panthers out on the gridiron–until now. For the first time in a while, ASB and Panther Pride have announced a PowderPuff football game that will take place on December 12, appropriately named Panther Puff.

ASB and Panther Pride discovered earlier this semester that they had the same idea of putting together a PowderPuff football game for Presentation, and began to put their plans into motion. Excited students of all grade levels signed up in hopes of participating in the game.

The teams go like this: 15 girls from each class were randomly selected; upperclassmen and underclassmen were separated into two teams. Of course, this means that the game will be juniors and seniors versus freshmen and sophomores. Competition levels will be high, as the two teams battle it out in a game of flag football for the champion title, and certainly bragging rights.

“We [ASB and Panther Pride] hope that this game is a big success, and that everyone enjoys the event,” said junior and Panther Pride officer Mary Sullivan. In preparation for the game, the selected players have attended practices to sharpen their football knowledge and skills, so you can be sure that everyone will be bringing their A-game. It is sure to be an exciting event with high rivalry.

“I think the freshmen and sophomores should be scared, because we are going to win!” said junior DeAnna Berar. Clearly, the upperclassmen already have declared their victory, but who knows what will truly happen? Be on the field on December 12 at 2 p.m. to find out exactly who will be triumphant.

Tickets for the game are available for $5 here, and include a meal of either a hamburger or a veggie burger before the game. You’ll even get to see the dance team perform at halftime. Go panthers!