A Day in the Life: Soccer

This article is the third installment of “A Day in the Life,"a series of articles where a staff member of The Voice gets a feel for what it is like to be a student athlete. For this month, reporter Elizabeth Reinhardt joined the Soccer Team for one of their afternoon practices.

Video by Lauren Thomason

Elizabeth Reinhardt, Reporter

When I was a child, almost every single one of my friends played soccer. Even I, the most uncoordinated person in the planet, played soccer as a child. So when I walked onto the soccer field for this month’s edition of “A Day in the Life,” I was feeling pretty confident. For starters, I knew at least how to kick a soccer ball. However, once practice actually started, I came to find that soccer was a sport that I, and many other people, severely underestimated.

The first thing that people, including myself, underestimate in the sport is the amount of running that actually occurs. “In a single game, you can run more than two miles,” says junior Cristina Vaca, a member of the Junior Varsity team. Running by itself is difficult. But add in the pressure of kicking a ball and avoid being killed by ten other people, and it’s amazing that these girls can somehow find the goal.

Which brings me to hand eye coordination, something that is essential in this sport. Of course, I found this out while I was struggling to keep the ball within a three-foot radius of my feet. It was around this time that I came to the realization that childhood soccer is very different from that of high school soccer.

Nonetheless, whether they’ve been playing playing since four years old or twelve, the girls on the Presentation soccer team always come back because of one thing: the love they have for the sport. “My favorite thing about the sport is just being able to do what I like every day with a great group of people,” says junior Emma Chivers, an outside forward/center midfielder on Varsity.

This love and enthusiasm could not have been more evident when I joined the Junior Varsity team for their afternoon practice. Even through the endless running and drills, the girls were smiling, laughing and cheering each other on. And although I am not a member of this team, I too was a recipient of this kindness.Through all of my missed shots and askew passes, the girls kept encouraging me and told me that I was improving, even though I didn’t always believe it.

All in all, there is more to it than meets the eye in this sport. “People think that you just kick a ball and that’s it, but it’s harder than it looks. There’s eleven people out on the field; and if you have the ball they pretty much want to kill you,” says junior Daniela Lownsbery, a defender on Varsity.

However, despite the injuries and difficulties, these girls are passionate; not only about winning, but being a great team. It is commitment and dedication that allows these girls to win game after game, but it is what also allows for these girls to embody the true spirit of Presentation: the power of friendship and sisterhood.