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Freshman Domination

Sarah Carter

Sarah Carter

Sarah Carter, Reporter

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How do these Minions do it?

They may be newbies but they sure are dominating these drives. The freshman class had recently won both the food and penny drives.

This has caused mixed reactions among other classes.

“It’s kind of outrageous seeing as the past three years, the freshmen have been the ones caring the least about the drives”, said senior Selena Siadat. “There’s a lot of expectations for the seniors to win which is probably why we are the most surprised that the freshmen are winning.

“I guess it’s because there’s a lot of them and they seem to be super spirited,” added senior Cibelle Nassif.

These fearless minions secured their position in first place for three straight days during the food drive, only slipping up once on the fourth day to give up their spot to the seniors. While hearing the freshmen come in at fourth place did come off as surprising, they didn’t let anyone down on the seventh day, snatching back their first place seat.

Overall the freshmen received a total of 165.6 points per girl during the food drive.

While the freshmen are generally seen as inexperienced to these annual drives, they sure debunked this generalization. It’s almost as if they have been doing these drives for all their life.

“Everything that they have been doing this week has been totally on their own,” said Diane Rosenthal, freshmen class moderator, “I think it was just that they knew that there was a good purpose for this and they saw that donating their time isn’t that hard. Now that they’re in first place it’s helping to keep them motivated.”

The burning question is how do they do it? What is their secret?

But Rosenthal wouldn’t reveal her class’s secret to dominating the drives.“That’s the thing that has been so exciting this year is that we tried a new technique. I don’t want to give it away, but it literally has been every single freshman helping out.”

While we may never know what’s up those freshmen sleeves, we do know that those rampant rumors about the holiday drives being mandatory for freshmen are true.

Signing up for one volunteer day was also mandatory for them. This explains why they had so many volunteers, which in fact allowed them to finish early.

Even more shocking was that they earned 102 points per girl on baby push day on their own. None of it came from canvassing.

The word ‘mandatory’ usually emits the occasional groans and ‘I can’t believe we have to do this’ responses, but ever since the word was slapped onto the drives, the freshmen have been responding differently. In fact they are genuinely excited about these drives.

“They are so enthusiastic,” said freshman homeroom teacher Sarah Thomas. “My homeroom couldn’t even keep quiet during mag drive. They are exploding out of their seats and not in the way freshmen usually do.”

In terms of getting students to go out and canvass or bring in cans, their go-to strategy has been to use incentives.

Freshmen Sidney Ovrom, said, “The best incentive is prizes and food. If we don’t get a prize in return, then we won’t try as hard.”

However, in some homerooms, it is often only one person pulling everyone’s weight during mag drive or the holiday drives. With the frosh’s huge lead, some are wondering whether the entire freshmen class is participating or if it is just a few key people.

“That’s the thing about my homeroom,” said Rosenthal, “I actually couldn’t tell you how much each individual student has brought in. We haven’t really been asking them so much of their own stuff; we’ve been asking them for their time. I think that has led them to be more competitive because they like to see how much they are bringing in and how they are doing in the drives.“

“We have a lot of people bringing in stuff. We have a signup sheet for each push day and most of the girls bring their share in.” said Chloe Zhou, homeroom 9F’s class officer. “Also, a lot of girls went canvassing, which is awesome.”

If the freshmen could give advice to other classes they would highlight on the effects of bringing in goods.

Grace Bernal, homeroom 9A’s class officer, says, “My advice is to get your homerooms motivated. Also, focus on the fact that through the drives you are helping the community and that’s what’s most important.”

The freshmen’s relentless ability to bring in cans have made these minions ones to look out for this year.

Rosenthal agrees when she says, “You should fear the freshmen class!”

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